back to article Google flips switch on mobile YouTube banner ads

Google is now serving ads on the mobile incarnation of YouTube. Today, the Mountain View web giant announced that it has officially launched ads on the home, search, and browse pages of its mobile YouTube site ( in the US and Japan. After running ad tests on the site that date back to at least the summer of 2008 …


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  1. Si 1
    Jobs Horns

    How do Google make money with the iPhone's custom YouTube app?

    The YouTube app on the iPhone is a custom one so there are no context sensitive adverts anywhere. How do Google make money from that, do Apple pay some sort of fee for it? Makes me wonder if they will want to make some amendments in the future...

    1. Ross Ryles

      Same on Hero

      The HTC Hero comes with a YouTube app too. Don't know about other androids.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      @Si 1

      ^^That's right, use an Evil Jobs icon even though what you seem to be complaining about is getting a YouTube application on your phone without having any adverts. Perhaps Steve should have listened to you and ensured that the application was littered with ads. Asshat.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Adblock user

    Whats an "Ad"?

    1. Lou Gosselin

      @Adblock user

      It's always a surprise to visit a web site on someone else's computer (without adblock) and see how bad the ads have gotten. Yikes! It's intolerable! Thankfully, adblock is very effective.

  3. Fluffykins Silver badge

    @Adblock user

    Its a way of deciding which companies to avoid like the plague.

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