back to article Sumo wrestler lifts cash machine

Two men including a suspected sumo wrestler were cuffed after bodily lifting a cash machine from a Moscow shop, the BBC reports. The pair's heist plan was simple enough: walk into the premises on Marshal Fedorenko Street, rip the machine from its mounts and rely on the sumo-wrestling half of the gang to carry the 90kg ATM on …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Perps origin

    "The BBC notes that the perps are from an unspecified "neighbouring country", but resident in Moscow."

    USA perhaps? As Sarah Palin can apparently see Russia from Alaska.

  2. Nigel 11

    Why no dye bomb?

    Will someone please tell me why cash machines do not contain a dye bomb, prevented from release by a cable attached to the building? This has long been a feature of attache cases containing bearer documents or cash, attached to the courier's wrist. Snatch the case, and both contents and snatchers are instantly soaked with indelible violet dye.

    After a few raiders discovered the hard way that all you get is un-spendable purple-stained banknotes, a bill for new clothes, and a need to stay out of the public eye until their purple-dyed skin is shed, then no-one would ever bother a cash-machine again.

    What have I missed?

    1. Eddie Edwards

      Think kids ...

      I can see a few issues with having a steel cable sticking out of the back of every standalone cash machine which douses indelible purple ink on all bystanders when pulled hard enough ...

    2. Lars Silver badge

      You might have missed

      the possibility of a power failure. On the other hand perhaps the thing could have been bolted to the building in a slightly stronger way.

      Bye the way all Russian cars (of to day) have tinted windows and driving around without number plates only shows you are an important person working either for the mob or the police.

    3. Ste ve

      Re: Why no dye bomb?

      How often do you think bank staff *won't* accidentally trigger the dye pack when loading the machine?

      The machines have multiple (sealed) cash cartridges. The dye-pack would need to be in each cartridge. The cartridge must be removable from the machine to be reloaded, and could be taken far from the machine legitimately to refill it in a more secure area. Yeah, I might have had the job of reloading them when I worked for the bank 20+ years ago.

      So a nice idea, but not practical due to the usual fleshly fallibility.

      Much easier would be to tether the bugger with a nice large cable, solid metal bolting to secure the cable inside the secure cabinet and a solid anchor point for it to loop through on the ground. Smaller machines couldn't then be carted away (tbh 90KG isn't that hard to lift and move on your own anyway), and the larger ones can't be lifted and draged by fork lifts.

  3. Kevin H
    Thumb Up

    One Who Lifted Up the ATM

    This story reminds me of that big Indian guy at the end of One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, perhaps they tricked him into thinking they were reenacting the scene.

  4. Craig 28
    Black Helicopters

    Bloody ametures

    Car with tinted windows and no number plates? Could they be any more obvious? Bet the damn thing was black as well.

    They've seen too many films no doubt. Or read too much Tom Clancy, if that's allowed in Moscow.

    Black helicopters because you can bet they won't be black any more in real life...

  5. The Flying Dutchman


    ...the confession by the "second rascal" was merely an attempt to avoid being on the receiving end of some sumo-wrestling in the tight quarters of a police holding cell...

  6. heyrick Silver badge

    Give them credit though...

    Walk in, pick *up* the cash machine, walk out with it... that's style.

  7. pctechxp

    Surprised noone noticed outside

    must be normal in Russia to see people wandering about carrying ATMs

  8. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Dye packs

    "Will someone please tell me why cash machines do not contain a dye bomb, prevented from release by a cable attached to the building?"

    At least here in the States, ATMs *do* have dye packs. I don't know what the activation mechanism is since I haven't tried to rob one.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Can we assume

    that it wasn't a high speed getaway.

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