back to article YouTube: Auto-captions for everyone

Google is now letting anyone use its new auto-captioning feature for YouTube videos. Back in November, YouTube released a robo-transcription option for just a limited number of educational channels, saying it would expand the tool to more videos in the future. Well, the future is now and has begun rolling out across the entire …


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  1. David Adams

    New keyboard please.

    "1We should note that an instant transcription service has always been available at The Register, by simply selecting "print" on your web browser option menu."

    SuperLOLs etc.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re footnote


  3. Ralph B

    The Final Solution?

    So, does this mean that we'll finally find out what Hitler is really saying in his bunker?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      see later AC post for confirmation

      Who'd have thunk it

  4. Anonymous Coward

    We're going to have so much fun testing this.

    1. Presence of filter (fock shet puss cont)

    2. Depth of knowledge (scrutum vogina mastorbation)

    3. Knowledge of correct English (wonker bellocks tusser)

    4. False positives (wonkel rotary engine, sconthorpe united, tony hancuck)

    5. False false positives (getifu ye basa)

    6. Regional linguistic variations (Kersal Massive)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    All your base belong to us

    ... by English I think you mean American. So far it has proven to be hopelessly awful on any of our footage, with no background noise. Unusable. Damn.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Dear President

    For some unknow reasion I thinks that everything that I talk about is about USA Presidents with there name just keep on popping up here and there again and again. Sorry but I not talking politics or anything like and nothing about USA. Really it funny, watch then and will not be able to keep the laughter in.

    Look for any rants there few I have been told on YouTube.

  7. Gavin Jamie


    I don't really understand that.

    However I can't think of a word to described that which I can't understand. Could anyone help me?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Sometimes it works perfectly (even with translations)

  9. Daniel Bennett

    This is far too funny

    Watch a video that a liverpudlian is speaking in.

    Watch it fail like a bitch.

    Its really hilarious when it fails. It gets so far off it may as well be AOL.

  10. Richard 23
    Thumb Up

    Ken Lee!

    Oh, this will be great with Valentina Hasan (check on YouTube)

  11. Anonymous Coward


    "a 14-year-old's video diary: nigh incompressible"

    I think you meant incomprehensible...

  12. Tom yng Nghymru

    Tidy butt!

    Wonder how it will get on with a good "Valleys" accent?

  13. William Towle

    Re: incompressible

    Eye sea whot ewe did their ;)

  14. Gaz Davidson
    Big Brother

    It's not about the giving

    All the people who correct the dodgy transcriptions will be callibrating Google's algorithms, which may eventually be used to transcribe every phone call.

  15. Ad Fundum

    All those spoken words ...

    ... now translated into written words can now be transformed into adverts, magic! And what's even better is that the video owners can help clarify all the dialogue that is then turned into targeted advertising.

    I look forward to all the Pr0n videos being accompanied by auto-generated adverts from pet stores offering cheap cats and chickens.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Non Ecc Auto Captions

    What if A new Video Message Of Osama Is Translated as Message From President Obama

    America Is Going To Pay For It

    I just Can t wait For That To Happen (********LoL*********)

  17. Stevie


    14 year old blahblahblah nigh incompressible??????

    Would that be due to the high efficiency of the codecs used?

  18. Stu

    Nvidia posted vid

    Nvidia posted a vid about that GPU that can be pulled out of a running system when it switched between the GPU and on-board video, Optimus I think.

    I noticed the auto-captioning thing and tried it out.

    Its better than I thought it'd be, pretty good, but useless (funny) at techy terms.

    It kept saying -

    "Jeep you".

  19. GeorgeTuk

    Great news.

    I welcome this warmly and think there should be more around for us that have hearing deficits.

    Occasionly the captioning on the BBC news is pretty amusing anyway...

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