back to article Compliance bods treat Cebit to watersports

Exhibitors at Cebit often face a battle to get visitors to pay attention. So hats off to TUViT for its effort. here We're not sure quite why so many people were clustered around the stand of this world renowned standards compliance and certification organisation's IT arm. Childhood dreams of being a fireman? An unrequited …


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  1. cookieMonster Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Is it just me...

    or does anyone else see TITS in the TUViT???

    Reading the article, I was expecting a couple of booth bunnies....

    Paris - Bod - Check, Water Spots - You Bet !!

  2. Stu

    I feel the need to...

    ...go to the toilet now.

    Thanks El-Reg!

  3. Oninoshiko

    this is a letters and/or digits.

    playmobil reenactment or it never happend..

    (why don't we have an icon for that?)

  4. Andy Dent 2
    Thumb Up

    Navy Pier

    There is a whole collection of such fountains in the gardens in Chicago's Navy Pier - I had a wonderful geeky time trying to work out if the pattern varied when we visited last summer.

    Apart from accuracy, one of the mesmerising things about these fountains is the way there's a "slug" of water which cleanly describes part of the arc, with minimal trailing droplets.

    1. h 6

      Prior Art, those fountains.

      Epcot 25 years ago. Amazed me as a kid, especially when the pattern changed and my little brother got an entire jet of water to the face.

This topic is closed for new posts.