back to article Microsoft unplugs middling Windows server

Microsoft will halt development of its mid-market oriented Windows Essential Business Server software bundle, as the company bets on "cloud computing" rather than lump licensing to woo penny-pinching IT markets. The EBS package, which combines Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2007 and server management tools, will be discontinued …


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  1. Chris Curtis

    Umm... Who's gonna miss it?

    Personally I never saw the market for EBS.

    It's been my experience that once you've outgrown sbs, surely there's a number of reasons to run individual servers - namely performance, not having the whole network down if one box has a fault, that sort of thing

  2. Tone

    EBS runs individual servers

    EBS does run on individual servers

  3. A J Stiles

    Business Opportunity

    I spy a business opportunity for anyone with experience in configuring Exim, Apache, MySQL and SAMBA.

    USP: No per-seat licencing cost means that you will never be in the absurd position of having to turn away business because you can't afford to have more users on your computer system.

  4. FFred
    Jobs Horns

    Cloud computing

    Your data, we wants it

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