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Brit comedian Sacha Baron Cohen will not entertain the Oscars crowd on Sunday by hooking up with Ben Stiller for a dig at the helmsman of paradigm-busting megabucks sci-fi superproduction Avatar. According to New York magazine, Baron Cohen "planned to appear onstage as a blue-skinned, female Na’vi, with Stiller translating ' …


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  1. cookieMonster

    Do it anyway

    Film it in London, put it on gooTube

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge


    I'm not sure anyone would, or could - find the humour in such a banal "skit".

    1. Aaron Em


      James Cameron likely storming out in a blazing purple huff doesn't seem even a little bit funny to you?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Wake me up...

    ...when SBC comes up with something funny.

    1. Ian Stephenson


      ...never then?

  4. Horridbloke

    Is it because...

    ... although Cohen was once quite amusing on the 11-oclock show or whatever it was called many years he has been embarrassingly rubbish since then?

  5. pctechxp

    He should so it anyway

    As Ali G and Borat rocked. (not yet seen Bruno)

    Who cares about some puffed up multi-millionaire director anyway.

    Avatar looks crap from the trailer and Titanic sucked.

    The only good thing he's ever directed is T2.

    1. Stef 4

      The only good thing he's ever directed is...

      Terminator and Aliens too surely?

      And Abyss at a push.

  6. Juillen 1


    Has a perfectly good sense of humour.. It's just Cohen isn't very funny. That skit was basically childish inanity and an attempt to embarrass.

    I'm just wondering when it was that humour was replaced by just being rude, and why it is we're supposed to find humour in attempts to make people feel uncomfortable and/or upset?

    Come back real comedians, all is forgiven!

  7. Blake St. Claire

    @Aaron Em, Re: Really?

    > James Cameron likely storming out in a blazing purple huff doesn't seem even a little bit funny to you?

    That would be fine, in and of itself. Find a way to do it without SBCohen though.

  8. James 5
    Thumb Down

    Narcissistic then...

    ... must be hell to work with (Cameron - and, probably, Cohen)

  9. El Zed

    SBC != Funny

    Argh, WTF?

    Look, this momser (SBC) isn't funny. Never was, never will be.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Yanks have finally woken up and smell'd the cawfee regarding this twat, and this was the *real* the reason this 'hilarious' skit was dropped, as opposed to any perceived potentiality of it inducing a (somewhat potentially more amusing) flouncy-wouncy-I'm-leaving-type-hissy fit in Mr Cameron..

    From the description of the skit given, it was a pretty bloody inane attempt at humour at best (assuming a rather broad definition of what one would classify as humour), but admittedly, from this description, about par for the course wrt SBC's previous canon.

    Sorry, but I just don't find SBC funny, I've tried hard to see the humour in what he peddles and have tried to figure out why other people find him funny, but no joy there, it must be a brain wiring thing..(and there's no fscking way I'm having a lobotomy just so that I can laugh at his wonderful comic creations, y'see the problem there is I might *then* start finding things like Gervais and Pegg funny as well, and I'm not bloody having that..).

  10. GrahamT

    Is it...

    cos I is blue?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Is it cos I is blue ?


      Nicely played sir ! :)

  11. Bilgepipe

    I Object.... describing SBC as a "comedian." "Talentless gobshite" is the required term.

  12. Carcass

    Typical Slop Print Journalism

    New York concludes: "So in case you’re ranking celebrity senses of humor at home, you can now safely put Cameron below Eminem."

    Eminem was in on the joke, see

    And Bruno was funny for about the first 10 minutes, until you realized that it was same joke (act like an ass, make people uncomfortable and try and get a reaction from them) over and over and over again.

    1. CatNinja

      Well if it is in the Daily Mail... must be true as we all know that it is the perfect paragon of virtue.

  13. richard 69

    M&M was in on the gag?

    you knew that didn't you?

    and SBC was only decent on the 11 0'clock show, the films were pathetic.

    and cameron has done decent stuff but is a moody twat.

    and so would you be, if you had to dive down to the titanic with TONY FUCKING ROBINSON....

  14. Rick Brasche

    like a lot of "comedians"

    -he's only "funny' when he's trashing the "other side". Like all "real" comedians he can avoid being a partisan tool and go after all sides of an issue without protecting sacred cows.

    But that means the high and mighty "leaders" of "culture" would also have to get the same treatment as the businessmen, and today's "new" Administration" with the same well earned disrespect as the last one.

    but that's not "funny", or useful propaganda, so we suppress it. But it's not called "censorship" except when the previously clowned group simply complained. Now it's "artistic difference" and it's nothing from the sheep-shagging media/blogosphere when the alternative viewpoint is actually actively suppressed. SBC becomes no longer useful and a "loose cannon" or "boring, or "never was funny" (even tho millions of the same loved him when he mirrored their prejudices in Borat.)

    Hypocrisy bothers me. Hollywood types crapping on their enemies and claim "free speech" justifies everything including outright lies. But when it comes around, they know it's wrong and do everything they can to show the crap "inherent in the system".

    kind of like what really happened in Hollywood that revisionists claim was all done by McCarthy. Hollywood censored *itself* to kiss government arse. And it's doing it again. But in a couple decades I'm sure will find a way to blame it on someone else.

    SBC needs to redo a certain classic comedy scene involving mud, peasants and being repressed.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paradigm busting?

    Which paradigm would that be then - eedjits pay loads of money to watch mindless drivel thus enriching the MAFIAA? or the other paradigm, which I have fortunately forgotten about?

  16. Stuart Elliott


    Anything that keeps Sacha Boring Cu** off the airways is a good thing.

  17. John Sanders

    Avatar's best review:

    There's a comic review of Avatar on youtube;


    It describes Cameron quite well.

  18. Jon of Monkeys

    If there is anything worse...

    ...than people claiming someone isn't funny, just because he/she doesn't suit their humour. It's using someones or somethings name and replacing words to make it sound derogatory (I'm looking at you Stuart Elliott) Seems like the lowest form of wit to me.

    Ok, so I'm not really a fan of Sacha's sense of humour either, doesn't mean he isn't funny. His box office records speak volumes for that.

    1. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

      It's not that the man isn't funny per se

      It's more that fact that he only really has one joke, which goes along the lines of: pretend to be member of a minority social/ethnic/gender* group, find person who is ill-informed about said group, preferably famous and proceed to embarass them.

      This worked well the first few times he did it with the 'Ali G' persona, and I will admit to finding it amusing at first, but that grew repetative, so he tried out 'Borat', which was amusing precisely once, and then 'Bruno', which was funny precisely zero times. It's a perfect example of the law of diminishing returns.

      Unfortunately, SBC seems to have no talent beyond rolling out the same archetypical comedic character dressed up in different clothes and with a different 'comedy' accent.

      I confidently predict that he will disappear from our screens entirely within a few years at most, possibly after a fourth and final incarnation, which will be even more tasteless than the previous ones. He will then be forced to eke out a living doing low-grade comedy nights, and runs at Butlins before he finds it increasingly difficult to find work, eventually culminating in his dying alone in a one bedroom flat in a tower block somewhere in some god-forsaken South-London suburb.

      That, or he'll surprise us all by displaying some geniune talent. I know what my money's on though.

      * Delete as applicable, etc...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        A Question

        Did SBC even write the early Ali G stuff? I only ask because it started of funny and quite subtle and then degenerated rather quickly.

    2. PsychicMonkey

      I think he's

      quite funny.

      His wife is hot though. they do say you can laugh a woman in to bed, maybe it's true.

      Shame they laugh and get out of mine.....

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    James Cameron has said he wouldn't be offended.

    As for Sacha Baron Cohen, I did find Borat funny, but everything else he has done has just been FAIL.

  20. sitruc

    Now we know why they really didn't want to hurt his feelings....

    I thought the consensus was the ex gets best director while he got best movie.

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