back to article More doubt tossed onto iPad numbers

A second report has surfaced claiming Apple is experiencing spotty overseas production of the iPad, due for release later this month. ThinkEquity analyst Vijay Rakesh issued a note to investors on Thursday claiming checks with manufacturers suggested "some minor delays" in ramping up production for the tablet. Apparently, a …


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  1. Neil Docherty
    Jobs Horns

    Excellent marketing!

    It's good to see that stories of delays are doing the rounds. One very effective way to bump the already big demand for the new Apple toy. How much do you reckon one will be on eBay for a day after launch???

  2. nickrw

    Oh dear me

    "A light flow"

    Ho ho.

  3. Alan Denman


    It has already been judged as the gadget few want.

    So maybe Jobs was is cancelling some production to create an artificial delay and let the hype take hold.

    1. Lance 3

      Don't forget

      He'll also pay people to camp out the night before to get one.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @Don't Forget

        It's unfair to say things like that when I'm this close to still being asleep! Jobs? Giving someone else money? That's just a flip of the natural order!

        Repeat 1000 times:

        "Saint Jobs TAKES money from people, not gives it"....

  4. Kenny Millar
    Thumb Down

    How convenient.

    How convenient that the iPad will be in short supply.

    That's a lesson they've learned from game console manufacturers.

  5. John_NY

    "a light flow of iPads"

    coffee, keyboard

    This is why I read El Reg.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nice touch!

      Paris wonders, "Does it has (sic) wings?"

  6. mike panero

    Another artificial shortage

    Sounds like another WII style shortage marketing scamoola is in the making

    What kind of nimrod thinks their lives will be complete with this soon-to-be-last-years-model junk?

    The kind of nimrods who buy all that other crap, count them in their millions!

    1. RegisterThis

      According to analysts ...

      "The kind of nimrods who buy all that other crap, count them in their millions!"

      I saw a report from one analyst indicating that they believe *any* new Apple product has a 'guaranteed' sale of 6M units to 'fanbois' ('fabois' = my words - they were a little more eloquent in describing a loyal fan base of 6M who would buy *any* new Apple product 'blind' ...)

  7. Jim in Hayward
    Thumb Up

    I am so happy they are waiting.

    Better to get a GREAT, SOLID iPad product rather that one that gets recalled (i.e. Toyota). Better to get the kinks out, sell only good units, and THEN flood the market with WHAT THEY WANT!

  8. sleepy

    pure speculation and linkbait FUD

    Do you guys really think design for manufacturing is so easy, that it's easy to ramp up from zero to a million a month of a new single piece of plastic, let alone an entire hi-tech product featuring hundreds of such components, built to the highest quality standards in the business? (You do know that every Apple product is washed in unicorn tears, don't you?)

    It would be astounding if the entire production chain didn't cough and splutter repeatedly for the first month or two, and Apple will have planned for that. Of course there is risk over the first ship date right up until it happens. Most manufacturers ship out the first trial production batch, then nothing for a couple of months before volume production starts, then production coughs and splutters for a couple more months before flowing freely. Apple's hollywood-style hardware product launches are unique, extraordinary, and higher risk.

    The idea that a narcissistic Steve Jobs farts about in an ivory tower creating artificial shortages or feeding the media with false rumours to generate demand by hype is childish. Despite unknown popularity, an initial run-rate must be selected, factories must be built or booked, and supplies scheduled, 6 months to a year ahead of time. These are severe problems that Apple always appears to execute effortlessly (not to mention breeding the unicorns). But behind the scenes, thousands of people must be working and worrying like crazy to make it happen.

    Apple is actually a most straightforward and transparent company. You can take what they say at face value. But they don't say much!

  9. Scott Mckenzie

    What amazes me... that it is clear from the comments above that people think this will fail? Love them or loathe them, Apple know how to shake things up... witness the number of other manufacturers who NOW are building a tablet style PC, yet until Apple did, they showed no interest at all...

    If it doesn't do what you want, buy something else, but to scoff at it is somewhat immature as it is a fantastic product to many people and I guarantee it will sell on a massive scale.

    1. RegisterThis

      You are right and as blind as Apple marketing want you to be

      "Apple know how to shake things up"

      Spot on ... this is actually Apples biggest strength. Their target market seems to be those who have enbraced modern media and can spread the word ... their marketing is top ... and they own a significant share of media casue Apple stories sell ...

      "witness the number of other manufacturers who NOW are building a tablet style PC, yet until Apple did, they showed no interest at all..."

      Mate - where have you been ... only seeing Apple's bombardment of marketing as per above comment? Firstly, the iPad is NOT a tablet style PC ... it is an entertainment device and not a PC replacement device bar a few functions. Secondly, there are plenty of manufacturers who have had similar devices out for years with varying success ... they are just not cool like Apple, so suddenly Apple has everybody where they want them shouting from the rooftop again 'WE INVENTED IT AND EVERYBODY IS COPYING US'. Don't buy the story. The iPad may be the best (nobody *actually* knows yet despite the fact that fanbois will assure you it is) ... but it is not the first ...

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The trick...

    .... is to wait to buy.

    There will be an initial delay due to limited supply, resulting in higher prices in the stores and even higher prices on ebay once the stores run out.

    Wait 6 months, then it will be available at a much lower price (Possibly due to apple cutting their price) for a more stable version, and those who bought it initially will be trying to sell off the 1st generation at cut rate prices so they can recoup some money to buy the newer version.

    Staying 1 generation (and in some cases 2) behind is my standard way of doing things.

    1. chr0m4t1c

      Expecting Apple to change their usual business model?

      It's pretty unusual for Apple to drop the price of their kit or introduce a new revision within 12 months of launch, any stability improvements will most likely be via firmware, which (US legislation notwithstanding) will be free in the first year.

      So by all means wait, but it'll probably be longer than 6 months.

      I think you may be confusing them with HTC, who would have already announced the v2 and stopped work on the yet-to-go-on-sale v1 in my experience.

      Mine the one with the Touch Cruise in the pocket.

  11. YumDogfood

    Apple is not releasing a tablet

    They are only pretending to, just to show up the copycats (Padtards? As in hung by your own...).

    Wondering if Steve can do the Nelson Muntz mocking laugh...

  12. Ben Rosenthal
    Jobs Horns

    I think you'll find

    Nelson Muntz has been doing Steve Jobs laugh all along.

    Just you wait Groening, Jobs will not sit idly by while people steal their audible expression or appearance of happiness!

    Ha-Haaaa :D

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