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The latest update to Orange's Hero handset, manufactured by HTC, is blocking access to the Android marketplace again. An update to the handset released last month causes some paid applications to vanish from the Android marketplace. HTC is not interested in fixing the problem, which it blames squarely on Orange: "HTC won't …


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  1. Ben Rosenthal


    never seem to be aware of ANY issues with their systems and services.

    I can safely say that when my Hero contract runs out, I will be looking to jump ship to a company that while not fault free (because they don't exist), at least know what day of the sodding week it is (and can bill me on any of them that I require, rather than when suits them).

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    "Hero update"...

    ....and here I was thinking about updates that absolutely cannot be avoided to have to be done today with limited downtime between 15:00 and 15:05 while development will finish at about 10:00 and test cases will start to run green maybe at 16:15.

  3. Mr Brush
    Jobs Horns

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    > "upload at any time to our web server a support solution"

    I didn't know Yoda worked for HTC. Apple better watch their backs.

    1. Jim in Hayward
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      I just glad I use Apple instead of Orange ~ (NT)


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Download the software from alternative source. This is not an iCrippled phone.

  5. Anthony Shortland
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    sod fixing bugs with 1.5

    just give us android 2.1 already!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Well if you're in a hurry for 2.1.....

      ....don't buy a phone that has operator customisations.

      HTC are saying mid-March 2010 for 2.1, operator versions may take longer to appear.

      1. paulf

        Hero Android 2.1

        Roll on Mid-March in that case. I just hope that the latest Apple Patent spat [Vs Google Via HTC Proxy] over Android wont nobble this update being released.

        Thankfully I have a non-branded Hero handset so I don't have to wait for an Operator branded revision (or worry about all the extra bugs Orange would introduce!).

  6. Anonymous Coward

    The plural of forum...

    is of course fora.

    1. Sean Timarco Baggaley


      "Forum" is a *naturalised* word. The plural is thus *always* "forums". (Source: "New Fowler's". Also OED.)

      This is the *English* language, not Latin. The latter *influenced* the former, but its rules do not apply universally.

      A parallel can be seen in Italian, thanks to the rise and rise of IT: "Click on the [left] mouse button" became "cliccare il mouse" in Italian. This uses *two* English loan words, "click" and "mouse". The former has been fully naturalised into Italian (as "clic" and "cliccare"), and follows Italian rules for spelling and pronunciation, but "mouse" has not and is still pronounced according to English rules.

      (The Italians are rather less precious about their language than the French.)

      1. max allan

        So what do italians call more than one mouse?

        Are they mousa or something weirder??

        I can't imagine many Italians knowing English pluralisation rules to make mouse into mice (just like you pluralise house into houses, or if you're posh hice into hices)

  7. Bryan Anderson

    Too many cooks.....

    This problem is due to the fact that Google have to sign off each and every ROM build/version number to access "forward protected" apps - not always paid for apps, but mostly. Without this signing off, devices won't have access to them.

    HTC provide the update, the network then re-work it with their logos and stuff and it needs to be re-authorised by Google. The networks are not always very good at either asking Google to do this, or chasing them up. Happened to me with a G2 (T-Mobile version of the Hero).

    There's simply too many cooks involved in Android right now, and it's just not working. My three month old G2 is on Ebay and I'll be (reluctantly) joining the iPhone mob as it "just works".

  8. Phillip Webster
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    Glad I didn't bother with it

    When I saw this update come out a few weeks ago I (among many others) asked HTC what bugs it fixed. They seemed unable to provide an answer, so I didn't bother with it since I don't have any problems with the current edition of 1.5.

    Roll on 2.1.

  9. Peter Galbavy

    I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!

    Suprisingly, "open systems" which are in fact walled gardens are not open systems. Go figure.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Testing.... that now something that happens after release?

  11. Chris Pearson

    Wish I hadn't bothered

    I upgraded and wish I hadn't, of all the apps missing the 1 I really needed was included, my paid for backup/restore software. Fortunately I could get an apk from the developer.

    So far I can count about 4-5 I can't get to but should be able to, and yes they do seem to be copy protected ones as they are all ones I couldn't back up prior to the update.

    Tweeted @HTC (as have a fair few others) and not had any response, but then I guess I should probably have bothered using the proper support channels.

    1. Fishter

      Official support response

      ### Customer to HTC ###

      I've just applied the latest update to my Hero, on Orange UK. Now all the paid apps have vanished from the market, including the ones I've already bought. Can you get onto Orange in the UK and get them to re-enable the paid apps? Thanks.

      ### HTC to Customer ###

      Dear Customer

      Thank you for contacting HTC

      Once the applications are deleted from the telephone they cannot be retrieved you going to have to reinstall them.

      Best regards,

      ### Customer to HTC ###

      I understand that I have to download them again.

      My problem is that I can't find them in the Market.

      I had purchased "Twidroid PRO" before updating my phone. If I search for "Twidroid" in the market I can only find "Twidroid" - the free version. "Twidroid PRO" is not available. Nor are the other apps I've paid for, as well as several others I had installed.

      From my research on the internet it looks like it's a problem with the Android market not being updated with the "signature" of the latest update, so none of the "copy-protected" apps can be seen on my phone.

      I think HTC and Orange (my provider) need to speak to Google to get things updated in the Android market.

      See also this thread on a Google forum:

      And point number 2 in this post:

      ### HTC to Customer ###

      Dear Customer

      Thank you for contacting HTC

      Once the applications are deleted from the telephone they cannot be retrieved you going to have to reinstall them.

      If you require additional info you welcomed to contact our hotline.

      ### Customer to HTC ###

      You have obviously not read my previous reply. Here it is again: <repeat previous reply>

      ### HTC to Customer ###

      Dear Customer

      Thank you for contacting HTC

      Unfortunately we do not offer support for third party applications.

      Best regards,

      ### Customer to HTC ###

      I'm not asking for support on a third party application. I'm asking you to tell Google that you've released an updated firmware for the Hero and send them the signature of that update. When HTC has done this and Google has updated the Market I will be able to find and install the apps I've paid for. Again, I am NOT asking you to give me support for third party applications, I'm asking you to support your recent firmware update for the Hero.

      ### END ###

      I've not had a response yet. And I now realise I should have said Orange instead of Google in the last repsonse.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Orange customisation fails yet again

    When the f**k will Orange STOP adding their special sauce to already excellent operating systems. 10 years ago, many of us thought Orange was the best thing ever but what was good then is now just a hugh headache - do they really think it helps create loyalty or anything!

    Paris 'cause she's the acceptable Orange face.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Orange and HTC

    ... is a big fail.

    You can't even get firmware updates from HTC because Orange asked them to block their own users. Had to install a 3rd party hacked firmware to get the functionality working correctly because Orange are so far behind they don't have the appropriate update available!

  14. Aaron Scully

    The new firmware seems to improve the keyboard

    The new Orange firmware fixes a bug with the keyboard where it used to 'jiggle' when you had the browser in landscape and pressed the search key (which would bring up a Google search - not to be confused with searching with Google through their Web site). There were also other keyboard inconsistencies that now appear to be fixed, such as sometimes after a full stop, the keyboard wouldn't return to being uppercase (though sometimes it would and this led me to buy Better Keyboard).

    Since Sprite Backup doesn't seem to properly restore everything on a Hero, I'm going to wait until the next firmware (containing Android 2.1) is out rather than downgrading (as it takes a while setting up all my programs again). Hopefully then I can get RepliGo Reader on my device again!

    Really wish the Palm Pre had have come out earlier and on a decent network (ie not O2).

  15. Paul 77

    @Too Many Cooks

    You might also consider the Nokia N900...

  16. Adam C 1

    Scrapped my hero

    Text messages being dropped, poor signal, laggy keyboard (Even after a factory restore) drove me away from my Hero. Apart from that it was an impressive bit of kit. Unfortunately I am stuck in a 24 month contract, FORTUNATELY I've bagged myself an iPhone 3G for £100 with a cracked screen, which was easily repaired.

    Sold the hero for £370 on fleabay. Job done :-)

  17. Chris Pearson

    Issue now fixed

    What ever it was all the missing apps are now back.

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