back to article Orange backs Intel-Nokia Linux drive

Orange has given its thumbs-up to the Intel-Nokia Linux venture Meego, the OS formerly known as Maemo and Moblin. The mobile phone network essentially said it would develop its applications, marketed under the Signature brand, to run on the operating system, allowing it to offer customer user experiences on anything from …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    orange has apps?

    I thought they were just the fucknuggets who text you at six in the morning to tell you that you don't have "magic numbers" or to get your "monkey benefits" (the mind boggles).

    Frankly, screw them. Leaving their stupid network when I can be arsed, bunch of spam happy wastes of skin.

  2. Lan ser

    support maemo?

    I have a good package and the coverage where I live is great just a pity they don't offer the N900 so I can replace my aging N95 with it instead of the poxy iPhone they keep pushing at me

  3. Jack Garnham

    Orange Homescreen

    Well, if it's the same godawful Orange/Grey homescreen that they insisted on putting on the SPV C550 or E650 I got from them, then can count me out as a consumer of any of these "devices". Thankfully, Modaco managed to de-brand it with a simple cab file but I feel really sorry for all the less savvy users out there who have to suffer Orange's complete lack of design finesse.

    1. Sordid Details

      Amen brother

      It's the diversity of UI's that puts a level of interest in choosing a new phone. If Orange are going to make them all look the same (and crap, too) then they've really missed the point.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      The Orange home screen was... awful I disabled it on my HTC Tytn II and went with Windows Mobile's interface.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is this the same Orange who wouldn't sell the N97 and N97 mini, even after stringing customers along with "coming soon" pictures on their website and sales droid spinning random bullshit if you rang up and asked? (I once rang 3 times in the space of 15 minutes and get 3 different answers!).

    Is this the same Orange that left my N95 on V11 firmware (probably because of their own customised front screen crap) whilst the rest of the world moved on, eventually to V35, meaning I had to hack the ID code to generic Euro model so I could get bug fixes and a reliable phone? (Very good it is too once you get to V20 onwards).

    Is this the Orange that are currently spunking TV advertising space for their new Orange Wednesdays cinema application which only works on the iPhone, a phone that only a minority of their newest customers have?

    Is this the same Orange who murdered the signal in my house, then 2 months later sent me a text saying they had performed some upgrade locally and I should see an improvement in signal strength?

    Is this the same Orange that send me a text message telling me my bill is due for payment the day before the bill actually arrives?!


    1. Andy 97
      Thumb Up

      You aren't doing their net promoter score

      I trust you will vote with your feet.

      Another problem network shielded by a great marketing team.

      1. Steve Evans

        I have no loyalty...

        I just go for who will sell me the phone I want for the price I want to pay.

        Unfortunately there really isn't much choice. Vodafone still seem to be rather fuddy duddy. O2 are bending over and taking it up the behind from St Jobs. The only two in the running for my last upgrade were T-mob and Orange, and as I was already with Orange they sorted me out a deal. Better the devil you know and all that... Plus being a long term Nokia owner I am all too aware of the firmware updates (which applies to all UK networks), the first thing I did was debrand the firmware.

  5. rototype

    This could get interesting...

    Whem the T-Orange merger occurs, since T-Mobile are a contract carrier for a lot of other "networks" such as Virgin and carphone Warehouse's offerings.

    How do they intend to play this if the user choses a Sony/Erricson phone?

    A lot of questions still unanswered (and probably will never be answered)

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