back to article Oracle/Sun ditches HDS

Oracle/Sun will no longer resell Hitachi Data Systems' high-end USP array product, the 9990V and 9980V systems. The writing had potentially been on the wall since Oracle acquired Sun and spoke about storage products it valued, like the 7000 product, and left the 9900s out of the spotlight. HDS' USP-V line is OEM'd by HP from …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    I know this is a predictable Oracle move given they are not in to the 3rd party partnering thing, but doesn't this run contrary to their bid for high end domination?

  2. Adam 61

    Quite an odd move

    OK they are focussing on the 7000 series which is fine for entry and midrange but is not a credible enterprise/mission critical offering in so many ways. Guess I'm more surprised they havent jettisoned the re-badged LSI stuff as that really overlaps with their own tech.

    Or could it be a sign that Pillar are ready to prop up the Storage biz?


  3. Anonymous Coward

    I like the HDS gear a lot...

    but this seems consistent for Oracle. If the 7000 gear is not up to the job, then make it be up to the job. Lord knows that the DS8000 is no better and IBM seems able to sell that shite. I would expect that Oracle will put the effort into making the CMT chips up to snuff to not have to resell Fujitsu next.

  4. Tim 59
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    I'm just waiting for the LSI and Dot Hill crap to get the chop.

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