back to article Naomi Campbell bitchslaps NY limo driver

Battling Streatham clotheshorse Naomi Campbell came out of pugilistic retirement yesterday to allegedly punch a New York limo driver, AP reports. The unnamed 27-year-old victim was booked to whisk Ms Campbell from a Manhattan hotel to Astoria Studios in Queens. However, he later told police the supermodel launched an assault …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    She's basically the American version of Jordan isn't she. A skanky chav. Except Naomi seems to be more of a bitch with it.

    1. Argh


      Alas, Naomi is British too :(

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton


      Don't try to pin her to us Yankees...shes a BRITISH model.

      We will, however, take credit for Paris.

      1. Barry Lane 1

        @AC "Whoa there"

        You take credit for Paris? Texas, Hilton or France?

    3. Captain TickTock

      and except that...

      she's British

    4. Marvin the Martian


      Please look at her full job title, "Streatham clotheshorse".

  2. Peter Simpson 1
    Paris Hilton

    Poor Naomi

    Not her fault that you can't get good help nowadays. Sometimes a dope slap is the only way to get their attention.

    //Paris knows other ways...

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Of course!

      Oh yeah! My heart really bleeds for someone forced into life of Reilly, modelling for thousands a nano-second!

  3. Jimmy Floyd


    Punching in the back of the head causes "his head to strike the steering wheel." So she either hit him with enough force for a pretty solid case of concussion, or he jerked his head forward like a dying swan^H^H^H^H Italian footballer.

    I'm unconvinced.

  4. mark 63 Silver badge

    all your chavs are belong to us

    "Battling Streatham clotheshorse Naomi Campbell"

    She's english , therfore we produce all the skanky chavs. We must be the envy of the world..

  5. peter 45


    " there is more to the story than meets the eye."

    Like a steering wheel for example?

    I know and I am very sorry for any distress caused.

    1. Anonymous John


      I wanted to post that!

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Aw, jeez...

      ...beaten to the punch. Well-played, sir.

  6. Is it Friday yet?

    RE: Bint

    Umm no... She's English...Hence the title Streatham Clotheshorse..Streatham being that area in South London..

  7. Belcher

    She needs help

    That girl seriously needs to attend some anger management courses. True, there may be more to it than meets the eye (I doubt though), but she needs to control herself. Just because she is rich and famous, that is not her pass to freely lash out and physically assult people. I dont know about banging the taxi driver on his head, I reckon she must have had a nasty knock to the head when she was younger!

    1. ThaRobster

      In all fairness...

      In fairness to her, if I found myself in the back of a Cadillac Escalade, I'd have to punch the driver, although admittedly there are easier ways of getting the message across that the shonky prospector wagon-esqe suspension is making you feel sea sick. Like yakking over the back seat. At least it'd make the interior decor somewhat more bearable.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      .. she has a short fuse because she has a low tolerance level for BS.

      To me, there is a rather massive upside - this one doesn't harbour bad feelings after she blows up, and there is usually a cause for her losing grip. Also, any incident will grow out of proportions because someone will try to make money out of it by either selling the story or declaring themselves a victim.

      However, phrasing it like this I'm suddenly faced with the fact that I've thus declared her a blow-up doll.

      Any witness protection plans going?


  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    ... A Reg celeb story that's NOT about Paris?!?! I demand my money back!

  9. robert cooke

    And she's a really good friend of Sarah Brown

    says it all really, something about the company you keep? or else they are both hopelss, pointless headline seekers.

  10. heyrick Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Sorry, but...

    IT angle?

    She's neither Paris nor Geek-Barbie, so..... don't we look at "Hello" and such for these sorts of stories? Hell, we can't even say "computer malfunction" because of a misfired airbag.

    Moving swiftly on...

  11. This post has been deleted by its author

  12. Geoff Spick
    Thumb Down


    Since what met the eye was the steering wheel, and given limo drivers are trained to be the meekest of the meek, I think this is an open and shut case.

    (Thumb down in the gladiatorial sense)

  13. zaax

    Back in the USA

    How come she was aloud back-in the USA after her last run-in?

  14. Alex C


    Sorry Heyrick, but Naomi's violent tendencies have graced these pages far longer (though less frequently) than the rather more feminine tendencies of Ms Hilton.

    If I recall the original angle was passed off as there being general interest at the time in the model of phone that the passionate Campbell was prone to flinging at whatever underling had inflamed her wrath most recently.

    I think news of her vicious exploits is reported here now as a tradition or under some bye-law or charter or somesuch.

    Possibly we should have an icon for her but I think she's not the hot topic that once she was.

  15. asdf

    UK hardly owns market on chavs

    We don't call them such here in the States (usually say gangster wannabes, or punk b_tch kids) but of course we have plenty as well. Worse part is they are allowed to carry firearms legally (shiver). Still you would think at some point criminal ramifications aside the lawsuits would get her attention. Ask Russell Crowe how expensive it can get in the States with our way too numerous pond scum laywers.

  16. Andus McCoatover

    "Never trust a Campbell"

    (Scottish motto - )

    Hope the driver wasn't eating a McDonald. Or driving to Glencoe...

    Nah, she's - what - 40 in a couple of weeks, and'll be a crinkly-faced piece of ancient history in less than a decade. "Slapper" of the first order. Goddammit, I'd rather try it on with a fruit-fly.

  17. Dave Wallace

    Length of punch...

    measured in Campbells?

  18. Ascylto
    Big Brother

    I want ...

    A Playmobil reconstruction or it remains a mere complaint.

  19. pctechxp

    RIM breathes a sigh of relief

    At least she isn't chucking a Blackberry this time.

  20. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    Any bets as to whether the next month will see...

    1) Her driver buying a new car

    2) Her driver buying a new house

    3) Her driver hiring a hitman?

    And I'm afraid Naomi is English, from London's fashionable St. Reatham's district.

    1. Anonymous John

      1) or 2)

      He's apologised.

  21. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Who apoligised? The driver..


    Puts ye commentards somewhat to shame, no?

  22. raydpratt

    Rich Presumptions

    I am a taxi driver, and I have to deal with disrespectful, belligerent, or violent behavior from time to time.

    I will more or less tolerate disrespectful behaviour from well-heeled customers because I keep my eye on the ball -- me getting paid.

    I have tried to do the same with drunken, belligerent behaviour about 6 times, but I have learned the hard way that I cannot get paid by someone who is calling me P's & B's and then claims that I got the address wrong and then says the magic words: "I'm not gonna pay!" That's when I move them out of the taxi. The last one was a young woman whom I left on a dark corner in a bad neighborhood like a common crack whore. I called her friends at the telephone number of her pick-up address to let them know so that they could go help her, but I was done with her.

    With actual violence or runners, I try to do as little as possible because the perpetrators are generally hispanic and the higher-ranking hispanic Tucson police don't enforce the law against hispanics to the same extent as they would against white perpetrators, and so I try to avoid the inevitable spin that would follow if I were to seriously injure one of their paisanos. I generally just defend to the extent necessary and then later call the useless, worthless police. I once ran off someone by trying to run him over with my taxi, but I was spontaneously protecting a woman in the street with her children from his violence, and both he and she were black, so the Tucson police didn't mind.

    Naomi Campbell? I'd let her hit me and walk away if it came to that, but I would probably have stopped the car and told her to get out long before that. No one has the moral right to hit or abuse someone over dissatisfaction with a taxi ride. I commend the driver for getting a lawyer and getting paid to apologise (I could do it).

    Very Respectfully,

    Ray Donald Pratt

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