back to article US burg renames self 'Google'

Google is looking for US locations to test its own ultra-high-speed fibre optic networks, and there's no city more eager to be chosen than Google, Kansas. Bill Bunten, mayor of the state capital formally known as Topeka, Kansas signed a proclamation on Monday temporarily renaming the city "Google" in an effort to convince the …


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  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    This is cock-shrivellingly bad on so many levels. (Appropriate tiny todger + magnifying glass icon) please!

  2. skeptical i

    Rapid City, SD, suggests itself ...

    ... as do many other locales whose names no doubt will be (or have already been) herein posted.

  3. Steen Hive


    If you google "Google, Texas", does it break the intertubes?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    MacDonalds, Indiana

    "Bugs Bunny, the 21 year old mayor of Nowheria, Indiana announced his town would rename itself to "MacDonalds" so that its citizens would hopefully get a free burger now that most of them have just been laid of by the local General Motors exhaust pipe plant"

    "The Economist praises New York's mayor for considering to rename itself "AIG City Of Graft" in a bid to attract more business to this truely international hub of finance. Other naming options considered include "New Babel" and "Caninia" ".

    "Now that London is becoming more and more aggressive in attracting the global financial talent, we had to do something to demostrate our uncompromising committment to creative naming solutions", said YaVaugnie Bloodyberg, mayor of (still) New York.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stupid naming tricks

    One other example from a decade ago: in 1999, Halfway, Oregon was renamed

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Gigabit internet to the home?

    Uh, you don't want to know what would people do for that.. Montana complex because that's the only place Google won't be able to get you

  7. pauldelany

    DISH, TX

    Its been done:,_Texas

  8. Anonymous Coward

    What's in a Name?

    This morning CNN covered this story. The female commentator said: 'What do you call someone who'll do anything for money?' - Well, snap.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ... probably wants to be famous for something other than the Westboro Baptist Church.

    And to be fair to Google, at the moment they're probably less evil than the Westboro Baptist Church.

    1. Sean Bergeron
      Jobs Halo

      What's the matter with Kansas?

      "... probably wants to be famous for something other than the Westboro Baptist Church."

      Brown v. Board of Education.

      "And to be fair to Google, at the moment they're probably less evil than the Westboro Baptist Church."

      Chairman Jobs disagrees.

      WBC has been in my town this week protesting issue du jour. After they were outnumbered by counter-protestors 10-1 on Monday morning, they skipped their evening protest. 250 counter-protestors still showed up. They did appear yesterday in friendlier territory in the neighboring city, where Pat Robertson lives.

  10. Jon 51

    More attractive to younger resdents... GLHF!

    You truly don't know the meaning of the expression of "Get out of Dodge" until you grew up in Topeka or Dodge City, Kansas. For a small city, Topeka has a lot of crime and drug use. Former city managements has shown a track record of denial: They've attempted to turn Topeka into a 'Big City' like KC, rather than sticking to it's small town roots. I guess these ideals can come into clash easily, being it the capital city of... Kansas.

    Dodge City is another hilarity. Growing up in a small town is one thing, but growing up in a small town and literally living out Miranda Lamberts 'Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town' song begins to wear. Dodge City is so isolated, if you want to to go a city for conveniences, the closest is Wichita. The nearest big sized city is either Denver or Kansas City, both approximately equidistant.

    Then again, theres others, who cherish the self-inflicted isolationist heritage. It's nice being able to wake up in the morning in a lawn chair in my back 'yard', butt naked, with my Remmington 870 by my side, and a champagne glass of orange juice. Ah... now THIS is what America is about folks.

  11. TeeCee Gold badge


    That looks suspiciously like the logo for the, er, other Google they've used for the city name there. I wonder if they got permission to use it?

    It would be rather funny if, rather than the hoped-for humungotubes, they got a lawsuit from Google...

    1. Robert E A Harvey


      My thoughts exactly. Let greed be met by the consequences. Please.

  12. Danny 14

    great idea

    'cause if I was an executive at a multi billion dollar company I would just *love* to be associated with some no-mark backwater. What can go wrong.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Yup sets them apart.... being openly corrupt and blantently willing to do anything for big business money.

    At least most deparments the bribes and back handers are kept secret.

  14. David Stever

    Retro active?

    Now that it's been renamed for the month, can we go back and rename popular references too? Isn't there a song that talks about the Atchison, Google and Santa Fe Railroad? Judy Gumm (renamed when Louis Mayer made her a offer she could refuse) sang it in a movie run after WWII.

  15. steward

    Considering money problems in NJ and CA...

    Maybe a permament renaming of either Trenton, Camden, or Newark in NJ, and Sacramento, LA, or San Diego in CA might have been a better deal.

  16. disgruntled yank


    Were the Video Toaster guys from there or Wichita?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes, it won't be long.....

    Before the cash-strapped California legislature sells Google naming rights to our great state...

    In a more charming example, I remember a small town in Montana changing its name to Joe, Montana in honor of the then-retiring famous American football quarterback.

  18. pctechxp

    Was going to mention

    Dish in Texas but someone beat me to it

  19. Chika

    So, perhaps,

    if we renamed a city as "Playboy", we'd all get a free f... er... bunny girl.

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