back to article IBM sneak peeks Nehalem EX iron

At the CeBIT monster IT trade show in Hannover, Germany today, IBM will preview its forthcoming System x and BladeCenter servers based on the eight-core "Nehalem-EX" Xeon processors. While the Nehalem-EX chips have been pitched for the upper end of the x64 range, IBM is taking a different approach with its initial Nehalem-EX …


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  1. Kebabbert


    that IBM does not want to offer too many sockets with Nehalem-EX as it will probably be much cheaper than POWER7.

    It will be interesting to see benchmarks on a 16-socket Nehalem-EX machine, compared to POWER7 equipped machines.

    16-socket Nehalem-EX running Linux will be cheap and really fast. Or if you need Unix, choose FreeBSD/Solaris for x86.

    1. Jesper Frimann
      Thumb Down

      Eh ?

      You aren't reading the article and even though you preach Solaris on x86 boxes like it was a fatwa given to you by Larry, then you obvious don't know much about the subject.

      // Jesper

      1. seven of five

        Do not feed...

        ...the trolls.

        1. Jesper Frimann

          Some ..

          hunts rabbits, some hunts deer and then there are the troll slayers.

          // Jesper

  2. Kebabbert

    Dear Jesper Frimann

    I write three things:

    1) IBM does not going to offer machines with many Nehalem-EX sockets, afraid of cannibalizing POWER7.

    2) It will be interesting to see benchmarks on 16 socket Nehalem-EX compared to POWER7 machines.

    3) 16-socket Nehalem-EX running Linux will be cheap and fast.


    Now, where am I trolling? Is not 1) true? IBM does not want to sell cheap intel stuff with similar performance as the POWER7 - is this not true? Or do you mean that IBM would gladly sell cheap intel stuff with the same performance as the POWER7?

    Regarding 2), is it not true that it will be interesting to see 16 socket Nehalem-EX benches? I understand that you are are not interested, as you claim "despite that you need four 5GHz POWER6 to match two 2.93GHz Intel Nehalem, the POWER6 is faster"?! But I assure you, there are lots of people wanting to see the benches and compare to other CPUs.

    Regarding 3), is it not true that 16 Nehalem-EX will be cheap and fast?


    So, where am I trolling?

  3. Tom Fleming

    Troll food...

    IBM knows that they are not the only ones selling Nehalem. They don't want to have non-competitive machines at the top of their x64 machines. It is troll-like to assume that they would.

    Power7 is about UNIX. Nehalem is about Windows (with some Linux, but its market penetration is small, compared to Windows).

    Until the 16 socket windows machine comes out, it is troll-like to behave as if you know how well it will run. With 4-8 cores per socket, that would give 64-128 cores. Do you believe that Windows is ready for that? Not even Linux pretends to be ready for that.

    Too much of your facts are actually value judgements that can easily be contested, yet you state them as irrefutable.

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