back to article Archos merges PMP with... digital photo frame

France's Archos used to make portable media players. Now it makes "Home Tablets" too, and today introduced the Archos 7 and Archos 8 to prove it. Both machines are based on Google's Android OS, running on an ARM 9 processor clocked at 600MHz. Archos 8 Archos' 8: photo frame, meet media player As the numbers suggest, the …


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  1. Sandy Ritchie


    So downgrading the Archos 7 to 2gb or 8gb is going to help it sell? Or are they hoping that stupid front mounted camera right where you hold the device is going to be the must have selling point?

    I think in this instance I'll stick with my "basic" 160gb Archos 7!

    1. Alex 0.1

      Not so bad?

      While I also will be sticking with my "basic" archos 7 with 160gb of storage (if and when archos fix+return it, the thing packed up 2 weeks ago :<), it is worth bearing in mind that the increased storage would seem to be the 7's only real significant advantage.

      While I have no immense love of android, it is much more flexible than the homebrew *nix flavour installed to the basic 7 so will open up much greater functionality than playing music+video, surfing, email, and playing flash locally.

      The price is also pretty phenomenal for people looking for a new device, the archos site quotes £129 for the base model, at that price it's half a normal archos 7 (which has been on the market for over a year) while being able to do quite a bit more, barring store stuff. While that's a pretty big limitation for a travel media player, if this thing's aimed at living in the home, small amounts of storage and upnp streaming are all it needs. Pretty compelling for the price, imo.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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