back to article Microsoft fluffs Feds with secure cloud

Microsoft has beaten rival Google to deliver a version of its online applications tailored for US government users. This week, the company announced delivery of its Business Productivity Online Suite Federal, which updates the existing online suite with security, privacy, and compliance features. The suite includes Exchange …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    Microsoft? Secure?

    ::tee hee::

    I'd have typed "titter", but either some undereducated twit would think I typed "twitter", or some other underage kid would assume I meant tits and not humor ...

  2. barth

    For the rest of us

    It's the regular service, which by deduction must be

    - unsecured facility

    - shared premises

    - free-for-all access

    - no compliance with whatever

    strangely, nothing said about backups nor availability in either cases.

    methinks that cloud think is made of a stinky gas

  3. Robin Szemeti
    Gates Horns

    Syntax Error:

    Error #232412 at line 1. Statement contains "Microsoft" and "secure" without required parameter "jokeLevel" or "jokeLevel" is zero.

  4. Peter 39

    Who writes these headlines??

    You've done it again !!

    Don't you know that having "Microsoft" and "secure" in the same headline is an accident waiting to happen??

    Is no one checking these headlines before they're posted??

  5. Joe Greer
    Thumb Down

    Do you really trust MS

    I don't and would not use this service.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Not so fast, Vulture boys ...

    Microsoft announced that they won't meet Federal standards for about 6 months, including FISMA certification.

    They haven't beaten Google yet. Neither one has delivered anything. Microsoft is late with it's announcement that they'll do something, someday.

    Next time, read all the way through the press release. Like into the second paragraph:

    "In addition, Markezich announced future capabilities and certifications that will continue to raise the bar in cloud security and privacy, including two-factor authentication, enhanced encryption and the expected attainment of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification, an important requirement for government information technology, in the next six months."

  7. da_fish27

    What the hell?

    Is it just me, or should the government be the *last* (not necessarily meaning that someone should be first) one to get cloud services from an extern company?

    Surely they won't trust Microsoft with government secrets and such?

  8. John Doe 6

    Microsoft and Secure ?

    Why does Microsoft and Secure in the same sentence trigger a "does not compute"-flag in my brain ?

  9. Lan ser


    every time I see Microsoft and secure in the same sentence I get a simultaneous urge to laugh cry and puke

  10. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Microsoft? Secure? .... But, of course.

    Does it not with Already, with IT, Capture all MalContent Viruses and Virtual Plagues? And ReProcess them into Positively Reinforcing XSSXXXX Stream Memes ...... Virtual SuperPower Gene Team Core Drive .... with Alienating Intellectual Property Energy for Rapid BIOS Operating Systems Conversion to Cloud Communications and Political Climate Control with SMART CHAOS.

    Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology for Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

    Gleaned Enriched Information and Cleaned Reprocessed Intelligence for Future Further Loding with Enrichment.

    And there you were, probably thinking that Microsoft had lost the Plot and the Midas Touch whenever they were just Polishing Steamy Windows ....... XSSXXXX Penultimate Version ..... Internally Released for Core Kernel Live Executive Administrative BetaTesting ......... with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive Vision with Colossal Sees.

    Any questions?..... Just ask Steve or Bill or Paul, who may know nothing of the Windows Systems Hydra with more Tentacles in Juicy Pies than Octopus would Know what to do with.

  11. Confuciousmobil


    Need I say more?

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