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The Pentax K-x is arguably one of the smallest and more accomplished entry-level DSLR cameras on the market. The K-x inherits the compact body and the simple layout of the K-m while squeezing in quite a few of the high-end features of its bigger brother, the K-7. Pentax k-x Colour photography: Pentax's K-x The 12.4Mp …


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  1. tempemeaty

    Not the rainbow I want but nice kit

    The rest of the world deserves more colors! I want Purple K-x please. *(^.^)*

  2. Nipsirc

    Battery problems with Pentax DSLRs

    Nothing new on the power management side of things - I have a k-100d and it ate rechargeables for breakfast and alkalines for lunch. They seem to set the voltage drop point too high, or there isn't enough calibration. Either way I found using Eneloops has cured that problem completely - can't recommend them highly enough if you have a Pentax DSLR.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Is the cat on page 6...

    ...a relative of Serious Cat?

  4. Tom 80

    And also

    As with other Pentax DSLRs, not only is image stabilisation built into the body, but so is the autofocus motor, allowing you to use any old pentax AF lens without modification.

    1. Ivan Headache

      Are you sure?

      Mine hasn't.

      1. Ivan Headache


        Misread your post - didn't see the AF in "any old AF lens."

        Consequently mine has.

    2. blackworx

      Same for Minolta^H^H^H^H Sony

      ...who first came up with the idea six years ago in the Dynax 7D.

      I see Pentax, along with Canon and Nikon, are still stuck in the 1930's when it comes to flash mounts though.

  5. John 62

    in-camera editing

    I liked some of the effects, but it needs to include a lolcat caption tool.

    the first sample shot, wide angle of the tea-light in the garden, actually looked more like something from a phone camera. The rest looked good and the figurine used for the ISO/noise samples was excellent looking. though on that note, I do miss the blue door :( I think a big mono-chromish surface tends to show noise more than intricately detailed subjects, especially with jpeg masking the noise.

    the colours are a touch too much for my conservative tastes. Even silver Canons are vulgar in my eyes. Plus, a DSLR stands out enough due to its size! A red one's really going to get you picked up under the anti-terrorism laws.

    I can imagine auto-iso being more useful than iso-priority.

    finally, was that a Seagull guitar?

  6. J 3
    Thumb Up


    It seems like a great starter camera indeed. I'm waiting for the price of the K7 to drop though. :-)

    It would have been nice if the picture for demonstrating the "miniature" mode was more adequate for the effect -- which did not show at all in the picture included.

    If I understand correctly, miniature mode is an automatic fake tilt-shift baked in the camera. I wonder whether it works well here. I do fake tilt-shift in the GIMP with photos from my K10D, and it's cool. If you choose the right picture. Pictures taken from a high view point (but not directly overhead) are the best for this. Then, some manual selections followed by some well applied blur, plus an over-saturation of colors, and it looks like you are viewing a picture of a miniature model.

  7. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Really 12.4?

    The full-res photos don't seem all that sharp. About only high frequency components that I could find in Photoshop was noise. It reminds me of some research in the 90s on how to upsample media in ways that trick the brain into seeing a higher resolution image. I recall that high frequency noise was used to mask lost details, then your brain would then replace that noise with a very convincing assumption about what the details should be.

    The high ISO photos look great. There's relatively little noise and noise suppression damage. Put a bright lens on it and take it into town at dusk.

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