back to article Fanboi Opera lovers get 10.5 beta

You still can't run Opera on the iPhone. But Opera-loving Apple fanbois can take some comfort from the fact that a beta version of the Norwegian browser maker's latest desktop creation is now available for the Mac. The company released its Opera 10.5 Mac beta Thursday morning. The new build runs on Mac OS 10.4 - Tiger - as …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Windows gets Beta2

    and bloody good it is too. Beta 1 was faster than Chrome, Beta2 has even more performance improvements....

    10.50 is shaping up to be a killer release. It's got the speed and slick UI of Chrome, unparalleled security, the features of firefox (without the bloat or security problems that extensions give).

    It's not often you best of ALL worlds, but Opera 10.50 is one of those rare times.

    1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

      Except . . .

      . . . without AdBlock and NoScript, its usefulness ranges somewhere between a bag of nothing and a glass hammer.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Marketing has hardly been Opera's strong point over the years.

    Why is it that so many significant upgrades and changes appear in x.5 versions rather than new major versions?

    Any fule kno the press only really take an interest in major releases with all the x.01 releases being completely ignored and the x.1 releases being lucky if they get a 2x2" box on page 37.

    By the time the next major release comes out (which could be a couple of years later), the new features are either old news after being given a fanfare in rival browsers, or the lazy reviewers only just notice them and list them as being new to version x.00, adding that Opera 'finally' catches up with its rivals.

    Opera 9.5 was the same, with a hugely rewritten rendering engine, javascript interpretor, mail client, skin and other notable changes.

  3. MarkOne

    re: Marketing

    I agree, the massive amounts of changes in 10.50 certainly warrant a Opera 11 tag.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Still can't deal with proxies.

    The 10.50 betas on both Mac and Windows are total FAIL when setting proxies either through WPAD or proxy.pac. It just doesn't retain the information in its preferences after you click OK.

    10.1 handles proxy.pac fine, so whatever they have done in 10.50 they need to undo, and add capabilities to use WPAD,.

    Shame, as I really do like the browser otherwise, and was a paying customer in the pre-v9 days.

    Yes i have submitted a bug.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Anonymous Coward

    You're foaming at the mouth and giving 'fails' to a *beta* version of a program whilst pointing out that the current stable release works fine in the same regard?

    Get a grip, and start whining when it's finished. A man who complains that the electricity is switched off whilst they have an electrician in rewiring their house is an arse. Fact.

    This is proof of why the whole notion of alpha, beta and pre-release versions being so publicly promoted is such a bad idea. There are too many idiots out there installing flakey developmental versions or even irrevocably upgrading a stable installation to a nightly build and then moan forever more because they discover a bug! There are even commentards on this site who *still* rubbish Opera for being payware or having ad banners. Shit sticks - for years, especially to highly vocal retards and fanboys.

    Leave beta testing to those who opt into it and have an aptitude for uncovering bugs and reporting them, and give Joe Soap the finished product WIR. And I'm not just ranting about Opera, I mean it for every program. Longer testing phases aren't a problem if everyone has them

    1. Anonymous Coward

      There's nothing like a self-righteous bellend...

      ..who can only justify himself by declaring his own unholy turdspurts to be factual. Fact.

  6. JB
    Thumb Up

    Ad blocking

    Opera is great, I run it alongside Firefox (my missus won't use anything other than FF for some reason). Only with there was an equivalent of AdBlock+ with opera, then it would be near perfect! Can't wait to try out the 10.5 beta.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    re: Ad blocking

    Opera has Content Blocking (it's actually more flexible than AdBlock+).

    You can either block stuff as you go (right click on a page you want to block content on in the future, and select, unsurprisingly, Block Content).

    Or, you can get a pre-setup list from here:

    If you want to have that list autoupdate itself, then there is a Windows service to do so here (Unix users can just write a cron wget job).

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