back to article O2 intros 'light use' mobile broadband deal

O2 has adjusted its Mobile Broadband monthly subscription rates, adding a 1GB data transfer limit package for more casual users. The tariff is available for £10 a month on an 18-month contract, or for a single £10 payment for one month's tie-in. A Huawei E169 modem come free with the longer contract - and O2 will give you …


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  1. burundi

    O2 Maths fail

    They reckon sending and receiving 40 emails equates to about 1gb usage, christ on a bike, how big are the emails they think you'll be sending.

    I hope there is a zero or two missing from that estimate.

  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    doesn't sound particularly attractive

    £10 / month for 1GB. Thtat's the same cost as BT's mobile broadband, which has the added _advantage_ of being PAYG, so you can't inadvertently find your credit card max'd out by accidentally leaving a streaming site running.

    Given that O2 are also selling 1GB of connectivity for £7.50 if you on;y need a week;s worth, there doesn't seem to be much incentive to go with this particular product.

    Now, if they were to halve the price ....

  3. Nathan 13
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    Twice the cost of most other providers LOL

    @ burundi I think they mean 40 emails a day?

  4. Bod
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    Expires - same old rubbish

    Like all of them now, for light users these are rubbish because what you buy expires after the period is up. e.g. pay a one off £10, you get 1G and it expires in a month whether you've used it or not.

    Vodafone had one where you pay £15 and it never expires. They've also changed this to one that expires instead. Thankfully they are still honouring the deal for users who bought the thing before they changed the T&Cs. At least for now.

    I don't mind so much if you have to at least use a few bytes every month or so, but all of these such packages just result in you losing the entire data. It's not PAYG therefore, this is prepay UIOLI (use it or lose it).

  5. benedictmurray

    iPad pricing

    Does this feel to anyone else like pricing for a service a la AT&T's monthly iPad data pricing?

  6. Daniel Owen


    "At the end of the contract period, you can sign up for another tie-in or switch to pay-as-you-go. O2 bills for PAYG broadband on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, priced at £2, £7.50 and £15, respectively, with data transfer limits of 500MB, 1GB and 3GB. All three include unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot access. ®"

    £2 for 500MB, but £7.50 for 1GB?

    Why not just have 2 500MB? Where is the incentive to buy a 1GB?

  7. druck Silver badge

    Would save me 5 quid

    I've got both a PAYG O2 dongle which I have been using with the 3GB/month £15 quid tariff, but don't need anywhere near 3GB, so 1GB for a tenner would save me a fiver.

    The Vodafone non expiry deal is even better, and I managed to get hold of one even after they stopped offering the scheme (were still a few going on ebay), which is great as I've only used £2.14 of credit in 2 months.

    Only trouble is I mainly use it on the train in and out of Cambridge, but despite O2 and Vodafone claiming to share 3G masts, where as I get a 3G signal with O2 on all apart from a small part of the route, with Vodafone I cant even get GPRS 10 miles outside Cambridge.

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