back to article Yahoo! turns! Twitter! firehose! on! self!

Yahoo! has purchased direct access to the Twitter "firehose" - a gigantic stream of Web2.0rhea - providing near real-time access to public Tweets from its primary search engine. As part of a new agreement with Twitter - announced Tuesday evening - the company will also insta-stream Tweets to several other Yahoo! services, …


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  1. intercollector

    Industry standards

    Good to see some of our industry getting together and agreeing on some standards. With more open standards, we'll see a lot better technology as end users.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Industry standard for shite?

      Twitter continues to reach new heights of inanity and this latest coup is probably going to prove there are no limits to crowd-sourced jibberish.

      This year's PyCon kicked off with a "keynote" which consisted of GvR attempting to answer questions that were submitted by twats. It was as ridiculous and embarassing as you can imagine as it descended fairly quickly into recursive posts of "my post was just on the screen". It might have been funny if I hadn't flown 8000 km.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    i can search for people posting stupid and inappropriate tweets - oh hang a moment....

  3. RISC OS


    More pointless shite to filter out of search results I'l bet.

    It's bad enough with price comparison sites and wikipedia always showing up no matter what you search for, now I have to filter out twitter crap too? I thought blogs were bad, "10 uninterseting Firefox extension you didn't know existed and probably won't ever use" and there ilke populate search results these days. And all they have on them are links to others sites with no real content. Just hundreds of usless pinkback links web2.0 shite like digg. And now twitter crap is set to appear too... plus the merge with bing. Looks like I shall go back to using Google.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Sorry, I thought you said "firehose"

    "the Twitter "firehose" - a gigantic stream of Web2.0rhea - providing near real-time access to public Tweets"

    Is "firehose" a euphemism for "shithose"?

  5. TheOtherJola

    "bringing their social worlds together for easy access"

    "We’re also simplifying people’s lives by bringing their social worlds - and the world - together for easy access."

    That's a good idea. Nobody's thought of that one before; I bet Yahoo will get lots more visitors and users as a result of this.

    Where's the sarcasm icon?

  6. truant


    Just as well nobody uses Yahoo search, then. It's sad to admit this, but Bing seems to have the cleanest search results, least encumbered with Twittery crap. Not that anyone uses Bing either, of course.

  7. Studley

    "turning the key to the online social universe"

    Sadly, methinks they're not turning the key in the direction I'd hoped.

  8. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Oh great

    The sewer spewer has gotten an extension to its territory. Glee.

    Or not.

    In any case, that definitely signs the death of the Yahoo bookmark on my browser.

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