back to article Elgato intros networked HD-capable TV tuner

Elgato has taken its TV tuners off the computer and added them to the network to allow any connected Mac or PC to be used to view and record HD content. The EyeTV Netstream DTT takes a standard coax antenna feed and, like Sling Media's Slingbox, sends programming out over the local network. The box has a 100Mb/s Ethernet port …


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  1. James 12

    Better options

    With the latest windows media centre you can streem TV from one box set up with the tuners to others in the house - as long as they are also on win7. As such this product become obsolute to all but mac users - which I bet can do the same anyways.

    So why pay that much for somthing that requires its own propiority software when a standard dual tuner can be yours for £30 to £55 depending on brand, does all this and more. Infact for that sort of money I can build a basic media server with a dual tuner to do the job and a hell of a lot more...

  2. spodula

    TV replacement.

    OOh, its a shame it doesnt do HD in the UK, having just had been burgled (And them nicking the TV in the process), having a small box under the stairs along with the modem and the hub, accessable via any old PC thats hanging around looks really attractive.

  3. Andre 3


    Why buy this when you can get the same (and possibly better) in a HDHomeRun for £120?

  4. jet_ace
    Thumb Down


    Sounds like a good idea, but £230 !!!!!

    I could easily buy a TV tuner for around £100 and then broadcast it around my home or over the interweb using Orb. Not as convenient, granted, but a helluva lot cheaper.

  5. MacRat

    Live TV?

    Who watches it LIVE anymore?

  6. Jean-Paul


    Love the hobbyist on here who can make it cheaper, few more wires, bit more heat generated, much larger box, have to reboot every night...And uses ten times more power so within a year it actually already cost you more. Not to mention the time required to build it in the first place, and all to save a measly £100...But hey the testosterone worked, you build that...

    Bit like the bloke down your street who tells his wife not to get a Winnabagoo...Nah much cheaper to buy a ford transit, cut out some window, bit of wood panelling and a mattress on the floor. Voila a much cheaper Camper Van :-)

    PS. the HDHomerun also doesn't do DVB-T2...Both of these boxes are obsolute already....But why can't the UK just join in with the rest...Australia and France for example have quite happily HD over DVB-T....

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @ MacRat

    I do - There's no discount for watching whilst dead.

    Goths of course can fall into either camp.

  8. Bob H


    This device cost lest than $20 in materials and they have the cheek to charge nearly TWENTY TIMES more than the BOM? Wow, I wish my company could get away with that. (DVB Transport Stream to Ethernet adaptor IC, <$10)

    DVB-T tuner circuit (<$3)

    Bob, purveyor of consumer electronics.

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