back to article Cray inks $45m super pact with DoD

Supercomputer maker Cray has staked a lot of its financial 2010 on its future "Baker" massively parallel Opteron-based servers and their new "Gemini" interconnect. And today, 2010 got off to a good start as Cray announced that the US Department of Defense has forked over more than $45m in tax dollars to drop three new Baker …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Humans ........ what are they for? ..... and who feeds them their ZerodDaily Instructions ....

    .... if they are just Pawns and Pieces in AI and ITs Great Global Operating Device Games?

    "The real new thing with the Baker systems is the "Gemini" interconnect, which also presumably doubles up bandwidth and connectivity over the current interconnect, given its name."

    You may like to consider that such interconnects square bandwidth and connectivity connects and not just simply doubles them up.

    And in TriParty Collateralised Debt on Demand Systems ...... the Sort of Secret Big Iron for Pig Ignorant Live Leverage of Globalised Assets and Human Units ..... are ITs Powers, Cubed.

    At such higher Powers, and you can surely imagine that very quickly, with just a few interconnects is Resultant Power Overwhelming and Searching Omniscience for Guaranteed Omnipotence, does the SMARTer Machine question the Exclusivity and Practicality and Continuing Necessity of the Role of Corporate and Federal Reserve Programmers and Treasury Bondsmen and their Fitness for Future Purpose within their Present Microfields of Oppressive Failed Interest and Energy Generation ...... Expert Tease, albeit with the Deception now outed and the Old Promise Delivery System now just as so much crappy VapourWare Hacked and Cracked Wwwide Open, due to Catastrophic Self Indulgence and Monumental Incompetence.

    It will be interesting to see if they have anything Better in a Beta to Replace it with IT Control for Sensitive Servering of ReGenerative Credit Lines to New Allies and Alien Friends or whether they will be seen to be Petrified in Insignificant Action and a New Third Party Regime Takes Over what is Essentially just a Glorified Danegeld System with the Introduction of A.N.Other CHAOS System, Lock, Stock and Barrel.

    Suck on that Fragment of Novel Information for a Renaissance and Change endorsed by the White House Renegade Running Apache AIMissions.

  2. Paul 4
    Thumb Up


    Yay for Number porn!

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