back to article IBM flicks out HS22V Xeon blade

IBM has launched a new Xeon-based blade server for BladeCenter boxes that it says is tuned specifically to support virtualization hypervisors that in turn run virtual Linux or Windows instances. What IBM means mostly is that the box has gobs of memory and fast and small flash drives for storage. The single-wide, full-height …


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  1. Llanfair

    Just what I wanted

    for my Vista setup to run Crysis

  2. Anonymous Coward

    At least six months behind.

    So this is no different to Sun's 6270 blade for example which has had the same capacity for at least six months now.

    Maybe it's the first blade with these specs in black.. that must be it.

  3. Sam Paton

    at a guess

    I guess the difference is that IBM might actually sell some.

  4. Adam 73


    Its a shame IBM dont seem to be able to keep up in the blade world.

    HP have had a virtualisation blade for a lot longer (ever since nehalem came out IIRC and technically they launched the bl495c about 2 years ago which was also a virtualisation optimised platform (read SSD's, 10GB NIC's as standard and lots of DIMM slots)).

    Also they now support 196GB of memory in the box as well (OK admittedly using 16GB DIMMS which are a bit pricy!) so this doesnt even equal whats out there now!

    Interested to see if IBM have embedded any 10GB NIC's as standard ala HP, its one thing to give you all the memory another to be able to use it!


  5. Sam Paton

    not that much

    The IBM blades have supported SSD's for years, they had those silly little 15GB ones for years.

    No they won't have any embedded 10GbE any time soon. Personally For my own VMWare configuration I'd prefer that they didn't anyway to be honest, keep management and vmotion off of the q tagged 10GbE trunks (ala best practice), plus you get a bit more flexibility through not having expensive options enforced but it's horses for courses.

    So really what you're saying is that IBM have taken a while to bring out a 18 Slot server vs a 12 Slot. Which is a fair point. They were still trying to push the XSeries Scale Up as the ideal virtualisation solution (it does work pretty damn well in fairness) so they've probably finally given up on that.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens if IBM finally manages to nail Scale Up on the bladecenters using the XSeries chipset.

    495c's are a nice little blade though.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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