back to article US pinpoints author of Google attack code, says report

US investigators have pinpointed the author of a key piece of code used in the alleged cyber attacks on Google and at least 33 other companies last year, according to a new report. Citing a researcher working for the US government, The Financial Times reports that a Chinese freelance security consultant in his 30s wrote the …


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  1. FormerKowloonTonger


    ...yeah, right....that guy was posting his code or whatever only as a work in progress...wouldn't want to be asssociated with anything irregular...yeah, right. Those schools not having anything to do with the military, on and on..,O.K,


    ....all this really amounts to [that's aside from the breaches and penetrations themselves] is a colossal game of "Face" between the masters of stonewalling, the Chinese, and perhaps, only perhaps, the "Innocents Abroad" posture of Google, and of course their Marketing and fiscal departments. I've posted earlier, and I'll repeat, the real guys at risk here are Google's loyal employees....we'll have a harder time finding out if all of them are actually "loyal", and not a plant or two by the Chinese government minders.

    This is the price of Occidentals doing business [or trying to..] in China. They'll have to get over it, or get out.

  2. Rod MacLean
    Big Brother

    Govt related?!

    "A day later, representatives of both schools denied involvement to the Chinese state news agency"

    Just like the government told them to, no doubt!

  3. Adam T


    "would prefer not to be used in such offensive efforts."

    Perhaps he expected his hack to result in World Peace.

  4. Shane 8


    lol @ IE, big fail....


  5. mhenriday

    «Microsoft later said the attack had

    exploited a hole in its Internet Explorer 6 browser». Do tell ! However did this unnamed «freelance security consultant in his 30s» manage to find a security hole in a browser from this well-reputed firm ?!! Those Chinese must have it in their genes !...


    1. Bilgepipe
      Gates Horns

      IE Exploit? Say it ain't so

      Yeah, my cat found a couple of IE6 flaws the other day too. She didn't post them anywhere though.

  6. Fatman

    Denies responsibility

    "A day later, representatives of both schools denied involvement to the Chinese state news agency"

    What is missing is the fact that "off camera" a squad of soldiers were aiming their rifles at the spokesman to insure that he parrots the "party lie". Later it was suspected that the spokesman had to go home and change his clothes.

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