back to article Chinese schools deny Google cyber-attack links

Two Chinese schools have denied a New York Times report that they were involved in the much-discussed cyber attacks on Google and at least 33 other outfits sometime last year. On Thursday, The Times reported that the attacks had been traced to Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School, claiming that the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Changing China in a year or two?

    So thought Genghis Khan.

    China changed his Mongols instead. It took them 200 years "officially". In reality it was less than 50 for the Genghis way of things to be no more and the Chinese way of things to be back again. So though many other conquerers, bearers if "new civilised tendencies" and many other lunatics over the last 4000 years.

    The reality is China does not change. It changes the ones that try to change it and it returns to its ways. It is a country built on embezzlement, fraud and quietly ignoring laws towards personal (and to a lesser extent close family) benefit.

    Not adding poison into milk? Not hacking into american companies? Not stealing intellectual property? Just because Mr Brin said so?

    Bollocks - the Chinese will continue doing what the previous 3000 years of ancestors have been doing - laws and rules are to be quietly ignored and any complaint is to be met with denial. Anyone who followed the rules is long dead and only the ones surviving are the people who quietly went around them and their descendants. This is 3000+ years of vicious cultural selection reinforced by famine, slaughter of the innocent and the "Confucius" method of "competition between provinces".

    Anyone who has delusions that the Chinese somehow will be taught to think and act differently and fit our moral standards is a deluded idiot and should answer his village calling him to have his brain checked.

    1. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1

      Never mind

      "Anyone who has delusions that the Chinese somehow will be taught to think and act differently and fit our moral standards is a deluded idiot and should answer his village calling him to have his brain checked."

      Anyone who has delusions that we have moral standards is a deluded idiot and should answer his ...

      errrmmm whatever delusional idiots answer to.

      Black Helicopters


      This is an excellent, true analysis of many things today concerning Chinese-Occidental affairs. The media's mostly modestly informed reporters remain blind to this pervasive effect. Google is in this dragon's open maw just now with chewy backside cheeks exposed because it sensed in 2006 that there were uncountable piles of revenue just waiting to be harvested from a market of one billion and counting.

      One thing above all needs to be emphasized: "Face" trumps all. Literally everything. Google is about to lose "Face" if it doesn't live up to it's implied threat of getting out of China. The Chinese Internet controllers will loose face if it opens up a bit on this censorship thing. So count on this impasse continuing until someone finds a mutually "Face" saving app.

      Caught right smack in the middle are the loyal, idealistic young employees of Google who're marked for life.

      They're the ultimate losers.

      I wish them luck.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Increasingly, it appears that Google's threat to leave the country was merely a means to diverting attention from the fact that its defenses had been breached by outside hackers."

    Who'd of though it? Google could teach the "allies" a thing or two about "shock and awe."

  3. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects 1

    Person or persons unknown

    Speaking with China's official Xinhua news agency, a representative of Shanghai Jiaotong University indicated that even if the attacks appeared to be linked to an IP address at the school, that does not mean its students were involved. "We were shocked and indignant to hear these baseless allegations which may harm the university's reputation," said the >>unnamed spokesman.<<

    It's reassuring that the people's spokespeople can speak out to Google unafraid.

  4. pitagora
    Thumb Down

    and google...

    .... stays evil as usual

  5. Steve Smith 2

    Google and at least 100 other companies...

    This story has really grown stale.

    "Google and at least 100 other companies", from now on, please. If we're not going to get company names, at least keep it dramatic.

    "Google, Tiger Woods, and at least 100 other companies". Yes? Yes?

    You're very welcome.

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