back to article Updated Legalized SlingPlayer 3G TV joins App Store ranks

As expected, a 3G-enabled version of Sling Media's TV player for the iPhone has found its place among the 150,000-or-so apps in Apple's App Store. On Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sling Media announced the availability of the 3G SlingPlayer Mobile - a mere week and a half after AT&T gave its go-ahead for …


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  1. Cleverfiend

    Too much power to AT&T

    It makes my blood boil to think of the control Apple have allowed AT&T to have over the content of the app store. The iPhone is supposedly an international must-have but policies about approval of apps seem to give too much power to AT&T. Apple sort your act out - this is one of the reasons why I haven't got (and won't be getting) an iPhone.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Too much power to AT&T

      You aren't getting an iPhone because AT&T have too much control over the content of the App store? Don't make me laugh!

      Here in Europe, we don't even have AT&T. So effectively they have no control and don't want any. It doesn't make a blind bit of difference to the majority of people anyway but it's sure to be favourable news to those with a Sling player...

      I'm not sure what your point really is - so FAIL.

  2. Paul Bruneau


    It's free on my Mac or your PC, why $29? Because they can I guess. But not from me they can't.

    1. Mad Hacker

      That's the same price for the app on other phones

      This app is available on other phones for that price too so not sure why you are talking about desktop software. I'd say that's what set the price. Aside from the iPhone app store, most apps for phones cost closer to $30 as opposed to 99 cents. Apparently Sling didn't feel they needed to alter their pricing scheme for Apple's App Store.

  3. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Just AT&T

    It's just AT&T that have this control freakery (well, and Apple.) T-Mobile doesn't care (and, is also GSM so you can just take your phone from AT&T straight over). Verizon doesn't care. Sprint doesn't care. Locally, I Wireless and US Cellular don't care either.

    Unfortunately for the GSM users here in the states, AT&T and T-Mobile are both absolutely glacial in installing 3G, it's very common to have EDGE only from both unless you're in a big city. (We don't have T-Mobile here, but I Wireless JUST upgraded to EDGE last year!) In contrast, Verizon has a huge network that's nearly all EVDO, Sprint has almost all EVDO (maybe all EVDO by now), and US Cellular (the regional carrier) has blanket EVDO throughout the region. I'd love to get a GSM phone but unless you live in a big city, the CDMA/EVDO carriers are cleaning GSM's clock here in the states. Here's hoping LTE comes out fast enough that I can just get an LTE phone fairly soon (Verizon is planning a very agressive LTE rollout, AT&T is planning LTE, most carriers both GSM/UMTS and CDMA/EVDO are planning on LTE -- except Sprint who's got some Wimax rolled out.)

  4. Alastair 7

    Re: Just AT&T

    "It's just AT&T that have this control freakery (well, and Apple.) T-Mobile doesn't care (and, is also GSM so you can just take your phone from AT&T straight over)."

    Ah, but you can't. Different 3G frequencies means you're on EDGE only if you switch. Might make SlingPlayer a less than optimal experience.

  5. Simon Pearce 1

    Anyone got this working with o2?

    Doesn't work on o2 3G for me - Sling say they may be blocking the app??

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