back to article Skype set for Verizon 3G

Verizon Wireless has joined forces with Skype to allow select BlackBerry and Android phones to make internet calls across its 3G network starting in March. On Tuesday, the pair announced new smartphone software called Skype Mobile, which will let US Verizon customers with data plans make free Skype-to-Skype calls across the …


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  1. john jones 1

    SKYPE archiving all messages ?

    since they are going to be running I suspect the US DOJ and FBI will be very interested !


    John Jones

  2. Alastair 7

    Re: SKYPE archiving all messages ?

    Quite strange to be paranoid about archiving messages, then signing your post with your real name, no?

  3. voshkin
    Black Helicopters

    Now we know

    Now we know why skype did not make an app for blackberies for bloody years.

    they were waiting for an exclusive deal

  4. Anton Ivanov
    Thumb Down

    I suspect it is not VOIP as such

    Most likely they use a proxy - same as 3 in the UK.

  5. DrStrangeLug
    Thumb Down

    Not handset skype though

    This is probably the same as 3's skype offering, where the Voice to IP is actually done by the carrier and not the handset.

    And Skype is well known to let security and law agenices in through it's revolving back door.

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