back to article Scareware scams switch to social network smut lures

Scams which attempt to trick users into volunteering personal credentials in return for free pornography have moved over onto social networks. More than nine out of ten (92 per cent) of such adult phishing scams recorded in January took place on social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo, according to the latest monthly …


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  1. Mad Dave

    Wasn't that an ubuntu alert box?

    I'm impressed at the malware writers ability to compress an entire vm running windows xp into a small 50K download.

    Where do I sign up?

  2. Elmer Phud

    With friends like these

    On Facebook I've noticed a few friend invites from women I've never heard of. A quick look at the picture often shows someone not exactly nekkid but certainly clad for warmer climes than Blighty.

    I have always assumed that any attempt at contact would lead either to a site with even less clothed females or requests for really intimate details.

    So what's new? They are the same as getting emails with apparent links to photos. Or am I just being too old hat and forget that young people don't do email these days?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    who can blame them

    Who can blame the poor suckers who fall for this kind of stuff. I mean, it's just soooo difficult to track down free p0rn on the net theese days isn't it?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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