back to article Sony Ericsson preps compact Android pair

Not content with releasing one Xperia X10 smartphone, Sony Ericsson is planning to offer two more. The two additions to the Android phone family are the X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro. Both were said by SE to be "smaller than a credit card" and to sport an "intuitive four-corner touchscreen user interface". Sony Ericsson X10 …


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  1. Vitani


    Does anyone know if on these (and other Android-based) phones which have a custom UI, can you switch back to the default Android one?

    1. James Dunmore

      Think so

      You could either install an app such as open home (pretty much standard android home), or flash the ROM. Although the latter would probably void your warranty.

    2. Phillip Webster
      Thumb Up

      Yes, easily.

      Just go into the options, find the "new" home screen and select "clear defaults".

      Next time you hit the "Home" button you'll get a choice between home screens. You can either leave the phone with the choice or there's a tickbox which allows you to select one as default.

      I use the original Android home screen on my Hero. TouchFLO is shiny and all, but I don't need 7 home screens and the default screen is a bit snappier.

      Be aware you might lose any custom widgets for the supplied home screen though.

      On a similar note, there's a few other home screens floating around in the Android marketplace that you can add and switch to in a similar manner.

      And yet the fanbois still claim the Jesus Phone has a better UI. Sigh. ;o)

      1. Anonymous Coward

        The reason..

        people claim that the jee-bus phone has a better UI is because they have used them, and believe me my iPhone blows 'driod into the weeds...

        sorry people - tis the truth.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          @ "sorry people - tis the truth" AC

          No, it's your opinion. The iPhone UI is starting to look very dated, and THAT's the truth

        2. Phillip Webster
          Thumb Down

          Personal preference I guess

          I have an iPod Touch, other than responsiveness, the UI lacks any degree of customisability getting a big thumbs down from me.

          Should sell it on really, it's near useless imo.

        3. Anonymous Coward
          Jobs Horns

          re: The reason

          Funny how everytime a fanboi posts something like that they click the Post anonymously? button ain't it....

  2. b166er


    they're press-pack photos? Crazy daft if you ask me; advertising something the size of a credit card, without even one picture showing scale with a common object.

    1. Andrew James

      credit cards...

      All mine are the standard 85mm x 55mm. Pretty sure everyone will have some idea how big a credit card is and be able to look on one and think "oh thats how big that nifty new X10 mini is".

      1. alex dekker 1

        RE: credit cards...

        I don't think anyone was querying how big credit cards are, it's more a case of knowing how big the phone is relative to one!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      relative sizes....

      The relative size of the micro-USB port on the back of it gives you a pretty good idea of the scale.

      Looks like it's about as long as my Nexus is wide..... o_0

  3. Sampler

    RSI Heaven

    Keyboard that small's got to cane your thumbs hasn't it?

  4. leon stok
    Thumb Up

    Video of product

    After seeing it in action, I am looking forward to this one.. (It also give a good sense of scale, and shows a quite snappy UI)

  5. davidjs

    Anybody want a wireless camera?

    You'd think they could have found a product name that wouldn't turn up google (or your paranoid alternative of choice) searches littered with ads for Amazing Wireless cameras...

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