back to article MSI pitches all-in-one PC at audiophiles

MSI has introduced an all-in-one touchscreen desktop its claims is the bee's knees for PC audio. The Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi packs in a pair of "full range" 5W speakers whose output is processed through a noise cancelling system to eliminate ambient audio interference. MSI Wind Top A2220 Hi-Fi MSI's Wind Top A2220 Hi-Fi: the …


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  1. blackworx


    "compares favorably to other monitor-mounted cheapie speaker systems"

    there, fixed.

    Now, where's Hugh Jorgen spouting his nonsense about B&O?

  2. Greg D


    Unless these are Bose powered I fail to see how the speakers can live up to their claim. What audiophile would stick with built-in monitor speakers anyway? Quality aside, they're never going to be loud enough at 5W!

    Other than that, this is a really nicely specced machine for the price! Touch-screen as well! I'd have one for the living room or kitchen for sure.

    *gets credit card out*

This topic is closed for new posts.

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