back to article With MS funding, No2ID gains entry to EU eID group

ID card campaign group No2ID has - with a little financial backing from Microsoft - won admission to the industry working group of Project STORK, the EU programme for devising interoperability standards for electronic ID systems across Europe. Representing "civil society interests", No2ID will be able to attend and report on …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge
    Gates Halo

    MS funding No2ID?

    Can I have a new flabber please? This one's completely gasted.

    1. Rob

      Sorry, I think it's...

      ... 'ghasted'

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Ah, yes.

        I'll agree that it looks more "right" like that, but since the whole word is spelled "flabbergasted" (and I did check that) I think it's more likely correct as is.

        Put it this way. I thought carefully over whether or not to include an "h", it wasn't an unconsidered decision. If you feel that I took the wrong choice here, then that's your opinion and I respect it.

  2. lglethal Silver badge

    Is the world going topsy-turvy?

    Whats going on with the IT world at the moment?

    Microsoft being praised for its social responsibility...

    Google becoming the embodiment of evil...

    What next? Apple to start selling products at a reasonable price?

  3. Tim #3

    Well done MS

    Nice one Steve.

  4. Ian Ferguson
    Gates Halo


    What's Microsoft's motivation for this?

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Thank you!

    I'd like to say a big thank-you to Phil Booth and the others at No2ID. It's frustrating to have a government pressing ahead with private schemes that are not only a waste of everyone's time and resources, but also unwanted (or even hated) by such a large proportion of the people (I haven't spoken to a single person who wants one!) - but at least there are people willing to take the lead in resisting it.

    And thanks to The Register for keeping us informed!

  6. James Le Cuirot
    Gates Halo

    Did I miss something?

    What's in it for Microsoft?

    1. John Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Did I miss something?

      MS has several top-notch identity boffins on-board, including Kim Cameron and Stefan Brands, and you may recall Jerry Fishenden slagging off the ID card scheme while he was still MS UK national technology officer.

      On ID, it seems to me Microsoft is now broadly sensible, maybe even with the good guys. Besides, it's only travel expenses they're paying.

    2. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

      What's in it for Microsoft?

      Good PR.

      Things like this are why I trust MS more than I do Apple or Google. Like them or not, Microsoft have always been reasonably upfront about their motivations, and beyond the whole "vendor lock in" bit they play seem to at least try to be responsible corporate citizens.

      MS are certainly far, far, FAR from a model corporation...but the devil you know is at least predictable.

  7. Marky W
    Gates Halo

    Well done MS

    I'm sure there will be some cynical comments posted, but I for one say 'well done Microsoft'.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    a minor stroke of genius

    I absolutely loathe microbesoft and all they stand for, but even for me this would generate a (tiny) sliver of good will. I suppose they're up against it with the Chocolate Factory threatening to pull out of China, supposedly for ethical reasons rather than business failure and PR reasons.

    (Incidentally why isn't there a Google horns logo to choose from?)

  9. Anonymous Coward


    M$ are not getting anything from the computers then....

    wonder what OS they are using?

  10. kain preacher

    3 reasons why

    Mircosoft does not wants its employees on a data base that could allow them to be black mailed and affect Microsoft corporate decisions.

    Microsoft was one of the companys that was allowed to bid for the dat a base and freaked out when they saw what it was about. See above.

    Microsoft was not allowed to tender a bid for the contract for the data base.

  11. Martin Owens

    It smells

    I'd like to hear from No2ID about what they think they're doing.

  12. David Pollard

    Is the Home Office still fighting WWII?

    'the UK Home Office's ID scheme is "by far the most pernicious ID scheme in the continent, if not the world...'

    ... and the UK, even if not leading, is well up with the leaders in introducing other potentially repressive schemes: e.g. the DNA Database, interception of communications, the Child Database and RYOGENS prediction of criminality. This can't just be down to Jack Straw, David Blunkett and a handful of politicians, can it? Are there perhaps networks within the Home Office and other areas of the Civil Service who think they are still fighting World War II?

    1. william henderson 1

      its all

      driven from Whitehall.

      the politicos are just front men.

  13. sheila

    This stinks... explains a lot though...

    Wrt the Scottish eCare system:

    And the much hyped privacy panel

    Do a few searches and the Microsoft connections are quite blindingly obvious as I discovered a while back - Jerry Fishenden was a bit of a giveaway :)

    Seriously, almost all these people have been involved with the eCare project from way back (including Pinsent-masons) and one (or his dept at Edinburgh University) received £63 000 for ecare resarch 2003/2004.

    Can supply further links if anyone is interested.

    Lost faith in NO2ID a while back - this confirms why.

    Very sad

  14. Anonymous Coward

    why do you think.

    the better to allow you to login to, or if you must, via rfid. no more passwords.

    just don't let your id and computer get stolen be the same group.

  15. raving angry loony


    I can't help but wonder what underhanded trick Microsoft is planning here. Sorry, but almost 3 decades of fighting this monster makes me very suspicious of their motives.

    Scenarios that come to mind:

    - using No2ID as an "independent 3rd party" to push Microsoft interests, say for instance the use of Microsoft proprietary technology in the whole system.

    - trying to discredit No2ID so that they can't work effectively with other anti-ID groups. Divide and conquer has always been one of Microsofts best tricks.

    - or does Microsoft benefit if the current ID plans fall through perhaps? Are the ID folks planning to use non-Microsoft technology, which MS won't stand for?

    I don't know. I'm just very very suspicious of anything Microsoft does, because not once have I seen them do anything altruistic. Not once have I ever seen or heard them do anything that doesn't eventually benefit their corporation to the detriment of everyone else.

    There's a grenade with a very long timer in there somewhere. I'm curious what it might be.

  16. D Moss Esq

    Some issues for No2ID to watch out for

  17. Ascylto
    Big Brother


    Goodbye, NOtoID.

    You took the shilling.

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