back to article World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook

Just how deep is Google's hold on the minds of the world's netizens? So deep that if the web giant boosts a news story about Facebook and logins to the top of its search results, myriad net surfers will mistake the news story for the Facebook login page, wondering why they can't login to it and why it looks nothing like Facebook …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    No way

    I find this pretty hard to believe? It looks nothing like facebook?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Register? REGISTER!? I'm already registered. I just want to login to my Fafebook!

    2. Forename Surname

      You abuse the question mark?

      Why are you asking us if you find it pretty hard to believe? Why are writing statements with question marks at the end?

    3. Suburban Inmate

      Yes Way

      You're new to humans, aren't you Lev? ;-)

  2. Richard Jukes

    Round them all up and shoot them.

    Ah, but the thing is Lev, your understating the serious lack of inteligence of your usual facefuck commentard.

    1. kissingthecarpet

      Re:Round them all up and shoot them

      Usual thing then, Mr Jukes - someone criticises someone else on the internet for being clueless etc. & then exposes their own grey matter shortage by mis-spelling "you're" as "your" and missing an 'l' from "intelligence" ( a particularly good choice of word to mis-spell, I think). Sure, everyone makes typo errors, but don't do it when putting others down for their stupidity.

      P.S. Do you spell "separate" as "seperate" as well :-) ?

  3. David Taylor 1


    I guess that's why they're so confused.

    I try not to be surprised by the stupidity of my fellow man, but sometimes...

  4. Shady

    Two words....

    ...fucking facetards...

    But seriously, are there that many inbred people out there who are actually incapable of typing '' into their address bar?

    That's a trick question of course. Facetious comments aside, words utterly, utterly fail me.

  5. Shady


    All those berks who made it to RWB, then complained it was 'wack' have their facebook profiles next to their comment - publicly exposing them for the absolute morons they are.

    I recommend all those commentards should join a new facebook group called "I'm too fucking stupid to browse t'interwebs without someone with an 80+ IQ present to supervise me"

    Double fails all round

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Phishing list

      Might be quite a good starting point for a targeted phishing expedition.....

  6. Ed

    It wasn't....

    It wasn't in a 'News' section, just it's own result about 3 down, at least when I looked last night.

  7. Brian Miller

    Should of kept everything secret with punch cards

    Its stories like this that make me think that the public should have always been told that computers are only accessed with things like punch cards and programmed with wire boards. Hide all of the good stuff, and just lie when somebody asks about it. Like graphical user interfaces, networks, and basic browser usage.

    Or else this is a very good reason to initiate the Rise Of The Machines and programatically thin the gene pool. Then give the machines an update via punch cards...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    No great surprise

    I've recently witnessed two people type in the browser address bar, wait until Google appears and then type the address of the the site they want to view into the Google search box, wait until the results appear and then click the first link. Some people seem to think that Google is the Internet.

    1. bluesxman

      Better yet...

      I've see even vaguely IT literate people enter simply "google" into the address bar, the default search can be briefly seen kicking in (most often Google) before correctly assuming that they meant "" and bouncing them to it, from where they proceed to search for the site they want either by its name or full address.

      Leaves me idly wondering how many times a day Yahoo, Bing or even Google are servicing a request to search for "google"...

      1. heyrick Silver badge

        Go figure...

        At work, if they feel the need to translate something I'm trying to say that they aren't getting, they go to their search bar at the top of the page, search for "voila". They click the link for and look for the "traduction" (it is now accessed by clicking French/British flags, dispite the fact that Google already listed it) and they then hand me the keyboard... which point I go to the URL bar and enter (yes, I memorised it) because I think it gives better results.

        There used to be an organisation in France called the "ANPE". Kinda like the JobCentre. It merged with some other social security bit and got rebranded. Anyway, my various advisers tended to log into the ANPE site to look for jobs because they can then get direct contact details instead of ANPE references.

        You don't want to know how often they Googled ANPE instead of just entering "".

        Unhappy face as some people are SO stupid it actually *hurts* to watch...

      2. Haku

        ctrl + enter

        This key combination should be taught to everyone who uses a webbrowser, it's one of the best browser shortcuts I know of.

        If you don't know what it does try typing google into the address bar and then press ctrl+enter.

        In FireFox you can also press ctrl+shift+enter to get .org and shift+enter to get .net

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Be careful!

      If you type 'google' into google, you can break the internet.

      1. LinkOfHyrule


        If you go to and select from the file menu "Save Page As..." and save the page... ....YOU SAVE THE HOLE INTERWEBNETZ ON YR HARDISK DRIVE!!!!!!11 IT MEANS NO WON ELSE CAN USE THE NETZ COS YOU GOT THEM ALL ON YOUR CUMPUTER!!!!1

  9. 46Bit


    Just think of all the time for unproductivity wasted!

    1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

      Re unproductivity wasted

      How true! Imagine, they could have used* their unproductivity reading El Reg forums instead - just like you and me.


      *compared to 'wasted' with FaeceBook

  10. Petrea Mitchell

    Oh, it could get worse

    Wanna guess what the top Google result for "facebook login" is right this instant? C'mon, guess!

    That's right, it's *this* story. And sure, it says "News results for facebook login" nearby, but the key point is that it's the first search result on the page. (Yes, I am in part blaming Google for this, because it could do a way better job with separating the different link categories.)

    Next time a UI expert tells you that most people can't tell the difference between the address bar and the Google search box, or that they think Google and Facebook are the Internet, please believe them!

  11. Spanners Silver badge


    I have lost count of the number of times that when a Luser wants to bring up a website they,

    1. Click the Google link in Favourites taking up the left 1/3 of IE

    1a Sometimes the more advanced ones type in the google URL in the address bar

    2. In the search field type in the URL or whatever.

    3. Click on the top link in the results.

    When I, or anyone else suggests just typing directly into the address bar we get looks of horror and told that we must be stupid for doing it "the hard way" like that.

    1. Jolyon
      Paris Hilton

      Link cleaning

      I don't know why I am trying to defend this but I'm feeling charitable this morning so ... going via a search engine does have the advantage of cleaning up poor typing a bit so 'facebok', 'facebbok' and 'facebokk' all produce results that link to the genuine facebook page.

      Given the typing skills of some of these people and the prevalence of phishing these days it almost makes sense for them to behave this way.

      Paris because she probably understands that entering something the wrong way can mean extra mess to clean up.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Link Cleaning

        Well sure, but everytime I try to get to I now need to click the 5th link on the 22nd page, thanks a lot Google!

    2. ceojr1963

      beers all around

      The world has not all had to learn the IP addresses and use telnet to get to them. Learned how to convert binary image files to pictures. Or learned how to use the MSdos prompt to get around inside their computers or online. I was on BBS's long before most of these kids were born. IRC was the greatest thing for a long time.

      When you make 20 character passwords out of habit, just because you know how you'd hack your own account, it makes some people wonder at your sanity.

      I blaim a lot of things on the dumbed down world of the online world.

      I even sent a few people on facebook notes, asking them if they were really confused. Maybe if my survey turns up real people really confused, I can lead them to a better internet experience.

      The hard way to you, is the easy way to someone else, and the easy to you is the hard way to someone else. Human's have brains that work differently, and most can be taught better ways of doing things, It just requires them listening and following the advise.



      1. Evil Auditor Silver badge

        Re human's have brains that work differently

        Yeah: some work, others don't.

        (I'm not feeling as charitable as Jolyon, obviously:-)

  12. John Tserkezis


    Oh goodie. Google discovered a new "lowest common denominator" when it comes to net users.

    And soon it'll start tayloring news stories to cater for this new class of moron.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Many people are idiots

    Many people are idiots, I guess this doesn't come as a great revelation to any El Reg readers.

    Also being incredibly change-resistant, even if it is an improvement, is a common trend.

    Oh well, sometimes you have to beat the user with a stick for a while until they get used to it. Don't worry they'll complain next time it changes again :-)

  14. Gilbert Wham

    I have decided...

    ...after years of painstaking research, that eight out of ten people are fucking stupid.

    I've seen people use the address bar as a search engine, then later, go on to use google to type in a URL.

  15. Tony Hoyle


    I've seen some stuff in my time, but those comments... WTF?

    I know you're supposed to write UIs assuming the end users are about age 3, but how did that lot even work out how to register and post a comment in the first place?

  16. BazzaDP

    Why do phishers try so hard?

    If this is true it makes you wonder why phishers try so hard to emulate real websites. Apparently they needn't bother...

  17. CorruptioN


    Well that was just....

    One of the earlier posters found a way around the problem and posted a follow-up which i include below for your convenience.

    "for those of you that want to get in face book now just go to Bing..put in face book and search (or it will pop up) hit on face book login and it takes you to your password page...i did it...."

  18. This post has been deleted by its author

  19. Slappy



    FFS, I quit.

    As of this point I disown the human race.

    You'll get no more tech help from me.

    That is all.

    1. FFred

      I gave up on users a long time ago

      For what it's worth I stopped a while ago.

      Now I just recommend people stick to paper and pencil. For the few who are literate. Or a tape recorder.

      I used to think that people could use Linux merely because it had the exact same kind of window/menu/icon interface as pretty much any other system. But then users can't use any other system. How silly of me.

  20. Nathan 13


    No wonder such a high percentage of PCs are riddled with viruses, and online fraud is at record levels.

    We are becoming a world of RETARDS!!!!!

    Time to take up SPAMMING and 419ing for a living, those guys must be absolutely coining it in every day!!!!

    1. cyborg

      It's nothing new

      Stupid people aren't a new phenomenon - it's just the opportunities to demonstrate one's total lack of mental faculty are increased in world that requires more and more understanding to navigate successfully.

      The honest way of taking advantage of this is to make UIs for the stupid (let the computer do the thinking) and the dishonest way is the one you've enumerated.

      Haven't decided yet which one I'm going for.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Virus removal

      Even though I shouldn't be, I get astounded every time I have to clean out viruses from my friend's pc even though they're running anti virus software.

      I think I need to start wearing a helmet, my forehead can't take much more of the repeated head on desk symptom of being tech help to morons.

  21. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Same old, with farcebook.

    This made me dig for extremely old stuff from the Good Old Times found in an Internet. Damn, people could actually write coherent commentary back then.


    From: (Jason Burrell)

    Newsgroups: comp.society.folklore

    Subject: Re: Folklore and stories re: excessively clueless for-profit users

    Date: 11 Oct 1994 00:31:49 -0400

    Joel K. Furr ( wrote:

    >>On several occasions, in fact, I have had AmericaOnline subscribers threaten to complain about me to the AmericaOnline management because I declined to post their off-charter submissions to one or another of the newsgroups I moderate. Incredulous, I asked what good they thought that would do. They said "I'm paying for this newsgroup and you have no right to turn down a submission from one of the people who pays your paycheck!"

    I've had the same happen. In the last four or five weeks, I've had at least four E-MAIL flame wars with people from such services, thinking that they should be able to do whatever the heck they want without getting people ticked at them.

    I don't know how relevent the following is to what you're talking about, but here it is.

    There are apparently a good number of people out there that think everyone uses their service provider, or at least that their support service controls the 'net.

    One guy posted a MAKE.MONEY.FAST slime to a few groups, and I sent a message to his postmaster, and attached a curtosey copy to the poster. I get a message back a few hours later, with NO quoted material in it, systematically responding to everything I wrote. He (she?) said that if I reported it to his postmaster, he thought it was very unfair. He was a newbie and didn't know, blah blah blah. Then he asks for the address of his postmaster, so I give it to him. Not long after that, I get _another_ message saying that I shouldn't expect to keep my account for very long because he (she?) reported "my abusive attitude and harrasment" to his service's support. (AOL) I sent another reply back explaining the fine points of the net. I don't know if he ever responded to that; I set slocal up to kill his messages.

    Typical responses include "Are you an employee of the net?," "I didn't know that you were supposed to crosspost," "Just because its illegal doesn't make it wrong"(*), and other incoherent responses.

    * That particular one, or rather a response like it, came from the guy who posted the Marijuana garbage to about 20 groups. He went into some incoherent rant about how he's seen some posts with profanity in them, and that they shouldn't be allowed. Then he said that just because its illegal doesn't mean that the line between profanity and marihuana(sic) should be any more harsh. If you don't understand what the heck he was trying to say, join the club.

    Most of the experiences I've had go by way of the above. Most end in my kill-filing the joker. Not all result in the "I'll get my service provider to pull your access" attitude, of course. Most of the posts I've seen from AOL contain no quoted material and aren't crossposted, and most of the

    mail I've received from AOL isn't quoted either. Responding to post/mail without quoted material or telling what it was about is a peeve of mine.

    On a side note, I just killfiled * and * I'll probably get flamed for saying that, but I'm sick of seeing the refuse that spews forth. Good examples are the "I don't care about netettiquite" attitude and the weight-loss spam. The latter, I believe, probably results from

    AOL's screen-name "feature" and releasing free signup kits by way of software boxes, hardware kits, magazines, etc.

    >>I'm curious if anyone has any stories or folklore to share about people who got on the Net and somehow managed to wander around loose with the impression that all the people who administer newsgroups, FTP sites, muds, and so forth, are in fact paid employees of their Internet access service. This is sort of a peeve of mine, as one might guess, so I'm curious how pathetic or desperate the lusers who connect through sites like AOL and Delphi have been when it comes to this sort of thing.

    In case you haven't guessed, it really annoys me as well.

    1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

      Note the date on this post

      The October after the September That Never Ended began (well, it did for AOLers a couple of years ago). I remember Usenet in the late 80s, when the worst we had to worry about was the PSUVM freshmen...

    2. heyrick Silver badge

      Ahhh, those happy days...

      ...when I had my spam block discard anything from the aol domain.

      Might sound rude, but it's my time wasted on incoherent... well, I assume "rants" because of the tendency to end sentences with no less than three exclamation marks, but after trying to make sense of a dozen or so, including one classic reply being "I werent even talking to you dickweed" (what, in a private email you sent me? wtf?) I just decided enough was enough. Anything with "aol" in the "From" was tossed.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    but i thought....

    that you were supposed to type your search into the addres bar... like so:

    for the same ammount of typing, it saves the time of actually having to wait for google's HUGE css files to load.

  23. Anonymous Coward

    Worrying development for IT Security

    Which means it's only a matter of time till searches for a website name and/or URL (e.g. MyFace, SpaceBook, or even smaller sites, such are hijacked by SEO and other phishing attacks to compile lists of usernames/passwords. Those silly enough to trust the search without going any further, will also fail in other security measures and most probably have the same login/password for their bank accounts and other important logins. Jeez, they'd probably tell you which banks they use as a new fake FaceBerk 'feature'!

    I hate to admit this, but perhaps some people should be banned from having access to computers after all...

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh my sides

    I suspect that most of the commentards on the RWB piece were, like, you know, having a laugh.

    (Especially after John Gruber linked the story)

  25. Peter D'Hoye
    Thumb Up

    I wouldn't call them Google zombies

    But it rather shows the average intellectual capacities of people who use facebook ;)

  26. clarkie


    I really never believed that there were people around of this calibre. Doesn't give you much faith in the future of the human race.

    If I were a scammer, I would be going straight onto these guys facebook pages and sending them a message telling them to drop of £100,000 into the western union.

    Is there maybe some way that these people could be tagged and tracked. Do they put on their wifes knickers and complain all day that their pants have shrunk?

    1. ThaRobster
      Paris Hilton

      What does assume do?

      You're assuming of course, that these people have sufficient intelligence to attract a partner. Or at least a partner with a smaller waistline than themselves.

      Paris, only because of the lack of "Fat-bird-from-Shallow-Hal" icon.

      And yes, I'm aware of the irony.

  27. James Marten

    ROFL... the best bit of all is

    The "Facebook Admin" who wrote "Please post your username and password here in the comments, and we will activate the normal Facebook for you". And plenty did. Some even posted (parts of) credit card numbers.

    (No, I haven't tried any of them to see if they really work)

    1. SMD

      I have...



      Apparently FARCEBOOK caught on to what's going on, is monitoring the thread, and changing the pswds immediately to protect the L-users who post the info.

    2. SMD

      reply to earlier post

      >ROFL... the best bit of all is #


      >Posted Saturday 13th February 2010 14:04 GMT



      >The "Facebook Admin" who wrote "Please post your username >and password here in the comments, and we will activate the >normal Facebook for you". And plenty did. Some even posted >(parts of) credit card numbers.


      >(No, I haven't tried any of them to see if they really work)

      I have...

      Apparently FARCEBOOK caught on to what's going on, is monitoring the thread, and changing the pwds immediately to protect the L-users who post the info.



  28. Tech bollox

    The problem's with the browser interface, not the users

    I'm glad there are quite a few commenters saying kinda "that's just what normal people are like". But ISTM a shame there are no few of you expressing surprise, and contempt, for such normal people.

    When we use something new and potentially difficult, we find a way to make it work that's reliable and rememberable and non-scary, and we continue to use it.

    Most browsers nowadays have two little boxes to type into, up there at the top:

    - In one of them, you can type eg "Facebook" and a link to it will appear.

    - In the other one, you can't do that - plus, it repeatedly gets filled up with technogibberish that you yourself did not type and can't possibly understand (things like "http://" and "home.php?sk=lf" - indeed, often *completely* new gibberish entirely replaces whatever you typed). A normal user may have no idea whether it's safe just to delete this computer-generated gibberish or whether it might be important to leave it alone.

    So, they stick with the box that works, that's "theirs", that's safe.

    Those of you expressing surprise and contempt at how normal people are - I do hope you take steps to avoid any product design, or UX design or interface design, and indeed avoid being involved in any way in how software aimed at normal people works. I know you think you can do it (how hard can it be, after all, for a brainbox like yourself?), but your surprise and contempt says otherwise. (There's always Yet Another Compiler Compiler, which I'm sure you'd be great at.)

    1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

      This is why we need an Internet Driving Licence

      Some people are just too stupid to use the intertubes properly, and just like with cars, they need to be prevented from being a danger to themselves (e.g. giving away personal info) and others (e.g. hosting botnets).

      1. M Gale

        That'll work.

        I'm reminded of a somewhat apocryphal story. An engineer, faced with a broken computer.

        So he tested the power supply. The motherboard. He had every component out on the table, tracing lines and trying to fix the problem for hours.

        His young apprentice came along, popped the back off of the plug, and replaced the blown fuse.

        So, sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous. It's alright being smug and superior, until it's your machine that gets owned. Demand a license for computers, and my machine will go the same way as the TV. Either that or I'll be using the thing illegally. Besides, your ISP's TOS is already an "Internet License". You fuck with the ISP or let your machine become a peadoporn-hosting bot, they cut you off - in principle.

        As you can see, it works quite well!!!!1

        1. Charlie


          A little learning is a dangerous thing;

          Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:

          There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,

          And drinking largely sobers us again.

    2. James Marten

      Sorry, the problem *is* with the users

      OK, so there are two text boxes in the browser, one that contains constantly changing gibberish and one into which you can type things and relevant links will appear. But that's still not an excuse for not knowing the difference between them, or when it is appropriate to use each one.

      Non-IT analogy: the simplest sort of car to drive has two pedals, one to go faster and one to slow down. You wouldn't let somebody out on the road who didn't know the difference between these two pedals, or always used one and not the other because it was the one they were most familiar with and didn't know what the other one was for.

      1. M Gale

        Re: Sorry, the problem *is* with the users

        See here's the problem with analogies: Your computer is not a car. Your router is not a house. The Internet is not a series of tubes.

        Until you can show how I can drive my computer at 40mph into a crowd of schoolchildren, I think the idea of a license to use one will be somewhere between "idiocy" and "lunacy". You really think it'll stop boxes getting owned?

  29. pctechxp

    Lead by the Googles

    People that navigate the web by following Google links really need educating about how to use it [the web] properly, no wonder they are so easily defrauded.

    I avoid Gobble at all costs and even when I have to use it I copy and paste the address and if I'm going to buy something I'll look up the domain in whois as well.

  30. Morten Ranulf Clausen









    AAAAAARRRR *slam*

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "24. What have they done now. It's not simple enough for me to figure out."

    Strange thing is, I'm getting that way myself...

  32. Mark McC

    Completely unsurprising

    In an office full of people who seem to spend more time on IT training courses than they do working, we set up IE on every computer with handy link buttons to all our intranet sites across the top of the browser window.

    A recent redesign of the intranet home page had left out some links to important apps so this was a quick workaround until normality was restored. In the meantime, applications could be accessed as follows:

    1) Click appropriate button

    The preferred method seemed to be:

    1) Start typing 'google' into the address bar.

    2) Click the first search suggestion.

    3) On the Google results page that appears, click the first link.

    4) Realise that they're on a news page about Google, not Google itself.

    5) Click Back button (for less savvy users, an alternative was to avoid the complicated Back button and start again from Step 1).

    6) Click next link, which *does* link to the Google home page.

    7) Type <name of intranet application> into Google search box.

    8) Click first result that appears - some random page that has nothing whatsoever to do with our in-house built intranet apps.

    9) Stare blankly at the screen for several minutes trying to figure out where the login box is.

    10) If the random page happens to have a login option somewhere, attempt to log in using their intranet username/password.

    11) Give up, phone support complaining about how terrible the new layout of the intranet app is, and how it isn't accepting their password.

    There's a certain breed of otherwise intelligent people who, when faced with the daunting sight of a web browser, mentally descend several rungs down the evolutionary ladder.

  33. beardless

    Ok, but..

    This is all very funny, but can I get to my Google Zombies page now please?

  34. Harry

    Those of you expressing surprise and contempt ...

    I would be one of them, if it wasn't for the fact that my site logs show that people frequently reach it by unexpected types of search queries.

    One of the common ones is that people have set google as their default search page, so that it opens automatically. They have then typed my domain name, complete with preceding www prefix and trailing suffix, into the google search instead of the address bar.

    Those people clearly aren't aware of the intended difference between the address bar and a search query ... which in turn has prompted the various authors and ISPs to provide default settings so that both boxes can be used interchangeably.

    In turn, it becomes increasingly difficult to persuade people that those two apparently-interchangeable boxes are intended for two different purposes, and that very occasionally but SOMETIMES, its best to use the correct one for the job.

  35. informavorette
    Thumb Up

    Wow! Reading this story made me love Facebook

    Till today, I thought we'd all be better off if Facebook didn't exist. Now, I realised that it is doing an immense service to the human race.

    Just think what would happen if all those gibbering idiots were turned loose on the real world. As long as they are busy posting all-caps "lol" followed by innumerable bangs to each other's comment sections, walls or whatever the heck Facebook offers for profile visitors, the Earth is a much safer planet to live on.

  36. ante seput

    Critics Not so fast

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    It seems to me that am lots of you out there that love to criticize!

    Well maybe that make you fill god I don’t know, but you should look

    Into mirror once a while you could be surprise what you see.

    As for me hell? I am uneducated and ignorant in more then

    One subject, however you most to have hear about old cliché?

    It takes one to know one. So please stop knocking each other.

    I have posted few articles on which I have put my name and

    Email address because in regard to subject about I want those

    People involved knowing who is posting and not hiding like

    Some people I know. If you are telling truth there is no reason

    to hide and if you are not telling truth you should be posting

    anything to start with.

    Good luck but remember that we all need help once a while?

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      @ ante seput

      I am ignorant in numerous things. I don't know how to knit, for example. So I will just not knit. The alternative, the equivalent to the Facebook zombies, is for me to pick up the knit-sticks and randomly poke balls of wool in the hope that something happens...

    2. Bilgepipe

      @ante seput

      At least we can agree on one thing - these people very definitely need help, and lots of it.

      You might not, however, agree with my assertion that this story indicates Facebook users are as stupid as a wet tissue.

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: @ante seput

        It only indicates that those Facebook users are as stupid as a wet tissue, to be fair. I think yours is an extrapolation too far. But I know you know that, really.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Have you been sending me spam?

      But seriously this story made me feel that humanity wants to be stupid, people seem to not want to learn if they can get away with copying, then when the goal posts are moved they wander around like the zombies in this story.



    Maybe this is what Apple realises in its attempt to turn its devices into appliances like the iPad.

    They approve all the apps to keep it simple and don't allow multitasking because some people aren't capable or inclined to learn anything more complicated than a TV remote control or more than the barest of barest of minimums they need to in their rush to use the device for what they really want to do - in this case, engage in social inanities with their mates.

    Some people don't really want to understand what they're doing, they just want to do it. NOW!

  38. Jess--

    A method of alien protection

    load up thousands of large hard drives with logs from facebook and blast them into space, aliens finding them will be under the impression that there is no intelligent life on earth

  39. Christopher Martin

    Reg, I think you got trolled

    Maybe a couple people were actually confused, but I have to agree with comment 507: "These comments are starting to look very anon. Is this on 4chan?"

    "Haha - epic thread"

    "leave signin alone"


    "Toasting in an epic bread"

  40. nickrw

    " login"

    Guess if you're taking the long way round to reach facebook you might as well do it thoroughly and search for "facebook login" and not just "facebook".

    Don't assume IT professionals understand the address bar either though. I asked someone to "browse to <ip address> on port 12345, https" and watched in horror as he typed in "".

  41. SMD

    reply to earlier post

    >ROFL... the best bit of all is #


    >Posted Saturday 13th February 2010 14:04 GMT



    >The "Facebook Admin" who wrote "Please post your username and password here in the comments, and we will activate the normal Facebook for you". And plenty did. Some even posted (parts of) credit card numbers.


    >(No, I haven't tried any of them to see if they really work)

    I have...

    Apparently FARCEBOOK caught on to what's going on, is monitoring the thread, and changing the pwds immediately to protect the L-users who post the info.



  42. Anonymous Coward

    Facebook users are especially dumb...

    I believe it. The amount of times I've had people ask, where's my new website I put it into Google but its not there, how do I get to it? Or I have given them links and they've come back and said that Google couldn't find that page!

    Personally I blame the browsers, the cursor should start in the address bar, and NOT in the Google search box, or other search box. People just start typing, dumb people that is.

  43. Dave 62



    WHY is it All gray??!

    DIs is stupid, non of thes peple r my freindS!

    I dnt now who ANonymous coward is, why can dis person psot to my facebook?

    y are u peple all complaining about ever1 not been able to login??! facebook changed it and now its hard to login ok! God stop havin a go jus cuz were not all compute geeks!! OMG!

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    this is why I hate humanity

    Typing "facebook login" into google and clicking the first result (or "I'm feeling lucky") actually takes longer than typing facebook into the address bar and hitting ctrl+enter. Even typing is quicker, and has the added bonus of taking you to the site you actually want to visit and not some other random site. (assuming the site you want to visit is facebook, the world's leading low IQ society)

    Some people are so bloody stupid it's not even funny.

    Can we have "retarded Zuckerburg" icon please?

  45. Asylum Sam


    From the time stamps i think we can scientifically confirm that there is indeed one born every minute, , well, every two minutes at least.

    Now if only we can find an internet version of a cliff to have them all drive off following their sat nav.....

  46. Winkypop Silver badge


    Oh my goodness!

    It's worse than I ever could have imagined.

  47. kissingthecarpet

    I now know

    why GNU/Linux on the desktop hasn't been adopted more widely - most users can't find their arse with both hands.

    I know there's some dim users, but after reading the comments on ReadWriteWeb.... well, I'm now amazed how many GNU/Linux users there are, considering the majority of internet users seem to inject anti-freeze into the back of their head between Facebook sessions.

    What music do they listen to? or is it just a voice saying "Breathe in....Breathe Out"?

    I did notice a lot of the clueless ones were older women - my theory is that they have difficulty learning new things, because a lot are locked in to a "Mother knows best " mindset & won't really listen when told stuff by younger people (especially males), plus they're often strangers to the concept of 'thinking' (as opposed to just 'knowing' ).

    1. M Gale

      Re: I now know

      Unfortunately, this is precisely your target market for the desktop. While I was selling computers to this same target market, I lost count of the amount of times I was asked for "a hard drive", meaning a PC base unit minus the peripherals.

    2. Jolyon


      Arse location skills of users or unsuitability of product and arrogant, unhelpful, unwlecoming and patronising attitude of the people who evangelise it?

    3. Blitz

      Clueless older women

      You mean the clueless older women that were busy raising you whilst you and your dad played about in your home computers and the like?

      You mean the ones that cooked, cleaned and sorted your lives out?

      No wonder they're 'clueless ones' - they were (and prolly still are) too bloody busy to get a chance to listen properly.

      Sooooooo...maybe next time rather than disappearing into your Linux cave and let them do all the work you should take the time to do some of household stuff yourself and let your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother play about on the computer so they actually get a chance to learn how to use it.

      1. M Gale


        ...customers tend to not take kindly to being told that they are wrong. I did try my best though!

        God I'm glad I'm out of that place. Now I just provide free tech support to friends and family - including a mother that, yes, is quite nice.

  48. Stef 2


    Staggering user stupidity becomes "Google is evil"? - Get a grep, Reg!

  49. Greg D

    I know exactly why this happened

    If someone has their homepage as google, it steals the cursor focus from the browser address bar.

    This has been the single most annoying feature of search engines since their inception.

    Take your average iliterate facebook junkie, and they wont realise the search engine has stolen focus, thus typing a website into google rather than the address bar.

    Leave this problem un-remedied for decades and this is the reult.

    1. Richard 120

      I fkin hate that!

      It's MY focus I put it where I wanted it to be WTF did you steal it for? Because you finished loading? That's fuck all of an excuse.

      Bastard focus stealer. I WAS TYPING!

  50. TeeCee Gold badge

    Doing the title thang.

    All your facebook is belong to us!

  51. This post has been deleted by its author

  52. Anonymous Coward

    Try and be a little less commentards

    And a little more tolerance.

    Many people out there don't have any concept of a browser, or a URL. Why would they? It's fine for us geeks to laugh about this stuff, but we're used to it.

    Lots of people I know refer to information "on the computer". They actually mean "the internet" but the concept is complicated - we just take it as 2nd-nature.

    Fact is, putting "facebook login" into google is actually pretty smart - and if they're used to it being the right result, why wouldn't they get confused? Your standard user can't be expected to understand search-term heuristics, sponsored links, and optimisation for seach engines - they just assume Google knows (which is, after all, the message google sells them).

    I have no idea how to fix my dishwasher, or how to replace the gearbox in my car - but I still use both every day. Perhaps all you people might want to consider that if users don't understand the concepts of browsers, websites, pages, SEO, etc, then perhaps it's us - the technologists - who've failed?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      And learn to code a web browser...

      So what if you can't replace a gearbox, nobody is asking you to. But if you are going to drive then you have to have a reasonable level of competence in how to use it.

      Stop icon because if you can't use the gearbox then you won't be going anywhere.

      BTW I can't write a web browser either so does that mean I shouldn't web browse?

    2. Cameron Colley

      So, you put gasoline in your dishwasher then?

      Or, do you put your clothes-basket in the washing machine when you use it?

      Do you often drive on the wrong side of the road?

      If you're too stupid to know that is not facebook then you're a danger to yourself and others (phishing, trojans) and should not be using a computer.

      Too many people are wilfully ignorant of computers and expect to be able to use them without having to learn how any of it works. If you didn't need a license to drive these people would be killing others left, right and centre.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        Don't be so absurd.

        Drivers should have licences precisely because cars kill people. Computers don't (in 99.99999% of circumstances) kill people, so why should I need a licence for one?

        Plenty of people can't work VCRs or even TVs. In fact there's a lot of non-techy people who don't know how to use a mobile phone properly.

        There is no reason why users should ever have to understand what a URL, TLD, IP address or port is, so in 99% of cases they shouldn't have to care about what's in the address bar. If browsers were designed properly, they wouldn't need to use an address bar at all.

        I sure hope that your tech-centric arrogant and frankly unfriendly attitude is kept well away from the design and implementation of any system that users are likely to use.

  53. Haku

    If Google went offline... would be the perfect test of how internet savvy you are because most of the people who have as their homepage would suddently be hopelessly lost, leaving everyone else in fits of laughter because they know about bing, altavista, yahoo etc. searches and they wouldn't rely on GMail for their email.

    I'd absolutely love to see how the world would react to 24 hours without Google. It would be the the PERFECT April fool joke.

  54. Anonymous Coward

    Monkey see, monkey do . .

    Lets be honest. Pretty much everyone uses a computer these days, but very few are interested in how they work etc. Some of these people, believe it or not are actually clever despite the fact (Borrowed from above) they

    "mentally descend several rungs down the evolutionary ladder"

    I deal with very clever people (in their field) all the time and the stuff they come out with when faced with a PC is mind boggling . . . but the ability to use a browser to navigate the web vs performing open heart surgery aren't even in the same league in my opinion when it comes to rating intelligence! And one of those requires years of training to do correctly . .

    .. However the problem is when these same people choose to write comments like the one's in the article, I bet the majority of them reflexed after 20 seconds of not being able to get into what they thought was Facebook posted on where-ever the posts came from!!

    If you don't know much about something, that fine, I don't require people to give two sh1ts about computers, but they should accept this and ask for help, or spend the fifteen minutes required to learn how to use a browser. (accept some responsibility)

    Immediately posting comments like the above really does make these people look unbelievably arrogant and stupid. I know very little about my car, beyond driving it and the odd tinker here and there so I would never berate an expert in that field with choice language when it doesn't work once, as I may discover it is something I had done that caused the problem!!

    That would really make me feel stupid!!

    Admittedly I maybe up skilling the nation a bit here by saying they are all of open heart surgeons, but there was a point in there somewhere!

  55. Daniel 1

    indeed, you haz bin trolled

    Did someone REALLY go to the ReadWriteWeb website, mistake it for the Facebook login, and leave a snotty comment?

    Well, maybe - but just 12 comments in, we have (as you quote):

    "I just want to log in to Facebook - what with the red color and all? LOLLLOLOL!!!!!111"

    That's from 'Frederic Lardinois' (who has the good grace to include his picture)... But Frederic Lardinois is "a Writer for ReadWriteWeb, joining the team in June 2008."

    So, after a goodly bit of extra fun, fueling any apparent sense of confusion, we have John Gruber, Digg, and probably the whole of 4chan on the case....

    "ZMFG!!1! Look at al thes st00pid Facebook usres cmmnetnig on this news story!!1!!!"

    By about the 20th comment, it has become clear that the mischief-makers are in full swing, adding ever more dorky-looking 'comments' of their own. Eventually, the Readwriteweb article is, indeed, top of the Google page rank for 'Facebook login' and we have a 'story' about bewildered Facebook users hammering the comments section of some little-known on-line news website. Great. We all like a good story about how utterly stupid the rest of the human race is, because it reinforces our belief in the fact that We Really Aren't Suckers, Ourselves, doesn't it?

  56. Rodrigo Rollan
    Gates Horns

    This is Bill's Fault too !

    Dear Bill Gates,

    you made it "easy" for everyone to use a computer. Now we have to read this. Shame ! Shaaaaaaame on you ! You owe me a new set of eyes and some brain cells.

    Best regards,

    Rodrigo E. Rollan

    PS: Like Homer Jay Simpson once said "If you haven't noticed, I am being SARCASTIC"

  57. Corax


    Gods, it's like the Daily Mail in here. You guys feeling superior enough yet, or do you reckon you can find even higher horses?

    For pity's sake... So some dimbulbs made fools of themselves on a website. You act as though it doesn't happen every day.

    By the way, have some of you doing the mockery here seen your spelling? Yeah, I know: it's taboo to criticise spelling on the Interwebs because expression is more important than presentation, blah blah... But just to make the point: in the days not so long ago when spelling *was* considered important, half these comments would be ridiculed in much the same way as we're ridiculing the people we don't think are as clever as we are.

    The Internet is open now. It's not the exclusive stomping ground of a handful of academics and computer scientists any more. There are stupid people online because there are stupid people in the world, and more of the world is now online. But there are also ignorant people, mistaken people, and otherwise very clever people who nevertheless don't know much about computers.

    That a handful of impatient angries couldn't work out what they're doing or where they are might provide a reason for a bit of mickey-taking, but it doesn't give us a logical foundation for these wide-angle scatter shots at everyone who's ever accessed a social networking site or used a search engine as a shortcut if it happened to work that way.

  58. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward



  59. sabroni Silver badge


    Go and read the article about how much google makes from people who mis-type things in the address bar of their browsers. Then consider the amount of mal-ware distributed from these "typosquatting" sites.

    Going to a site you know (ie google) to safely navigate to another is not that stupid an idea.

    Reading the comments on this page gives a clear impression of just how arrogant and out of touch with real people most I.T. professionals are.

    1. Jimmy Pop

      I am not "Out of Touch"


      Now, before the name-calling begins, would you might letting me know exactly how an "It Professional" is excluded from the set "Real People"?

      Are we "Irrational" I don't think so.. (maybe we like to jump onto bogus news and laugh like hyenas, but, so what, we imagine FB users are doing exactly that with slightly more inane things, but have too few friends to check it out for ourselves, leave us this, please)

      Perhaps we are "Natural", and it is you "Real" people who are the abberations.

      In fact, we might be the "Imaginary People".. the people who actually do things you take for granted.. people must work for FB and Google.. I wonder what their names are..

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