back to article Street View spymobile snowmobile prowls Winter Olympics

Google has unveiled some fetching views of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics sites, courtesy of a snowmobile equipped with Street View's all-seeing eye. The games kick off on Friday, but those of you who prefer to experience snow from the comfort of your PC can enjoy the sights including the snowmobile's sinister shadow …


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  2. petur
    Dead Vulture

    Hey Google-bashers

    Look up the definition of stalking and sinister. Another El Reg--;

  3. petur
    Thumb Up

    perfect for planning a ski holiday

    I hope they do the ski resorts in Europe soon too!

  4. Number6


    I want to see Streetview pictures from the bobsleigh run and the ski jump when they're ready. Can you fit a gCam to a bobsleigh or luge?

  5. James 47

    I can just picture it

    'Hey man, you what would be like... really cool... if we put Whistler on Streetmap'

    'Ya man, that would be SICK'

  6. mcresearch

    Paranoia Strikes The Register?

    Why the negative and paranoid tone towards Streetmap? I think the service is great.

  7. The Indomitable Gall

    That last picture...

    What do you mean "camera cover" -- that's a screenshot from a new hi-definition version of Descent, isn't it?

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    1. Dave Harris Bronze badge

      Oh dear

      You, "sir", are an arse. Rentboys, indeed...

    2. Bilgepipe


      You don't want people to see your house or something? Do you have a big cover over it so the neighbours can't see it? Because if I stand in your street and look, I get the same view as Street View and your precious privacy is worth jack shit.


  9. Bilgepipe

    That's no camera cover....'s an eyelid! :-O

  10. LuMan
    Thumb Up

    Totally cool!

    This is ACE! I want more!

    The little ski-bloke-thing in the bottom right of the screen looks well-smart!

  11. Jan 0 Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Wot, no pictures of them trucking and helicoptering in all that snow?

    I hear that Vancouver's snow hasn't arrived naturally this year.

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