back to article Upstart crimeware wages turf war on mighty Zeus bot

Purveyors of a new botnet toolkit are touting a feature aimed at aspiring cybercriminals: the opportunity to commandeer computers already compromised by an established crimeware package known as Zeus. The SpyEye toolkit made its debut in December on Russian underground forums with a retail price of $500. It comes with usual …


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  1. Neal 5

    So if

    an upstart malware vendor can do it, why can't AV vendors or antimalware vendors? Without of course, adding on another trojan in its place.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ...err run that by me again...

      If malware people can get rid of a Virus / Tojan, why can't antivirus companies.

      Am I missing something here or is one of us being really thick?

      1. Number6

        Computer Misuse

        If you manage to break a user's system by installing a 'harmless' trojan without their permission to clean up malware then you've committed an offence. Obviously the legality issue doesn't bother a bot herder, but the AV companies would understandably baulk at it.

  2. Wize

    @ Neal 5

    They would need to remotely uninstall software from your machine which would make them as illegal as the original virus.

    Besides, wheres the profit?

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    I assume

    If you install and use an antivirus or antispyware product, it probably can remove this junk from your PC. If you just think about using antivirus, it won't happen.

  4. Penguin007

    bu but but...

    Does it run on Linux?

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