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Samsung clearly has high hopes for its latest round of Windows Mobile-powered Omnia smartphones. The Omnia II was a significant improvement over last year's original, due in no small part to Windows Mobile 6.5, which offers a big leap in usability over previous editions of WinMo. The Omnia Pro maintains a high level of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Much as Iike Samsung products...

    I'd never buy any device that can play Jamie Cullum.

  2. Sandeep Jandu

    Got this phone

    Had this phone for over a month now and the first thing I did was to switch off all of the Samsung UI that I could find as its SLOW and kills the battery (can't kill all of it unfortunately). Also, it looks like the current phones that are on sale are still using Windows Mobile 6.1 and any mention of an upgrade (as it is upgradeable) or even the phone itself on Samsung UK website is more or less non-existant.

    Samsung PC software....don't bother.

    W&L feature.....used it 4 times and then couldn't be bothered.

    Phone needs its data and voice connection reset every few days and someimes even a reboot as some of the Samsung software facilities stop working correctly.

    This is not an isolated thing either as in the office there are 6 of us with the same phone with the same problems.

    Voice calls, camera, and the ability to install software without the need of going to a dedicated market place is definately a plus. Got SCUMMVM running on mine at the moment with Monkey Island 1,2,3 and Indiana Jones FOA running on it quite nicely.

  3. Ian Entwistle

    resistive < capacitive? Why?

    without going over all the old arguments these are simply different and offer different pros and cons so why do reviewers seem to feel a resistive screen is a negative point? when displaying web pages on a 800x 480 screen some links are tiny ( try facebook, bbc news front page etc ) and the accuracy that a resistive screen brings can be a big plus point. ditto with other apps and games ( try drawing accurate lines in something like Numpty Physics with a bloke sized digit ).

    If reviewing things please give a fair and balanced view without taint from your personal preferences or at least state your opinion is exactly that, YOUR opinion and not that of teh world and his brother.

  4. Andy 97

    What? No gapless playback?

    Seems strange that such a simple change to the player functionality isn't standard (as on iProducts).

    What about all of us that like long playing albums or dance mixes?

  5. JWS
    Thumb Down


    Just go to xdadevelopers get a new OS/Radio and nuke the damn thing, nice clean light install of Windows Mobile and you're sorted.

  6. VoodooForce

    Mines got 6.5

    I bought it from Clove and shipped to Oz mid december last year. Had 6.5 pre loaded. I have turned off the Samsung UI. I liked it but it did lag. Now using SPB. Great phone, keyboard is awesome. I have been using so called Smart phones since 2003 and this is the best so far.

    The penguin because I wished Android was a little more mature.

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