back to article Mobile games developers shift to iPhone

More games developers are working on content for mobile phones - and a big majority are targeting the iPhone. There are twice as many developers working on iPhone games as there are creators of titles for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. So says market watcher Game Developer Research, an off-shoot of Games Developer magazine …


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  1. JM Robles

    Sony and CIA must open their SDK

    With "only" $99 (or $299) can make and publish iP{ad,od,hone} games. Sony, for example, need study your resume very well and you must have some title published. Only big companies can do that, and these company can't innovate.

    Sony and CIA, please, open your mind.

  2. Hywel Thomas

    Apple win in my house

    The iPod Touch has pretty much killed the DS in my house. The DS simply doesn't get used any more. Cost of games is a big win. Yes, they're DRMed, but can share on multiple iPods, and they're backed up. My daughter lost her DS and a box of about 15 games before Christmas. Would cost about £500 to replace. Does the same with an iPod, and it's £150.

  3. Rob 50
    Jobs Horns

    BAD news for gamers

    Has nobody figured out, that this platform sucks for games? Some are ok.. e.g. driving games that can be fully controlled with tilt, puzzle games, and there are definitely some interesting new game concepts.. but for proper hardcore shooters, trying to jab the right bits of the screen in anger just doesn't work.

    The half-arsed attempts to render keys on the capacitive screen are laughable. For starters you lose half your screen realestate on poorly imitating something that is kept separate from the screen for a good reason, you are supposed to be able to hammer the crap out of it!

    You can't feel a button rendered on a capacitive touchscreen, and it's not possible to press it. Ergonomically a disaster.

    Sure, some developers can make more money developing for iPhone, business schmizzness, but won't somebody think of the children?? Without the ability to release their emotional stress through the physical means of the fire button we'll have a society populated entirely of rapists and high school uzi testers. ARE YOU HAPPY YET JOBS????

  4. Anonymous Coward

    The problem of course is.

    that 99.999% of iPods games are utter bollocks... It's the new shovelware platform.

    Thanks, but I am happy with less, but far better games on PSP.

  5. Matt Hawkins

    No threat to PSP or DS

    Just because there are lots of people rushing to create basic novelty games for the iPhone doesn't mean anything to the PSP or DS.

    They are in completely different leagues. If you want to waste 5 minutes while you wait for a bus then play a 50p game on an iPhone. If you want to play a proper game then play on a games console ... with proper buttons.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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