back to article China jails porn-monger

China's aggressive crackdown on internet smut and dissent continues - yesterday a man was sentenced to 13 years prison for renting a US server for distributing pornographic material Huang Yizhong, from Jiangmen, was fined 100,000 yuan (£9,400) and sentenced to 13 years for copying and distributing pornographic material. He …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    At it like rabbits

    If China had a bit more porn, perhaps they wouldn't have such a population problem.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Jailed for porn ditro?

    I am disappointing. I was hoping maybe China had turned a corner and locked him up for copyright violation.

  3. Shane 8
    Paris Hilton


    "Chinese authorities have arrested thousands of people since the crackdown was announced, and have even recruited volunteer smut-seekers to report dodgy content."

    Where do we sign up?

    Paris would agree.

    1. Wommit

      RE : Shane

      You're supposed to _REPORT_ dodgy content, not just admire it and give it a score.

      1. Shane 8
        Jobs Halo

        RE: Wommit

        Of course, but just when you think you've seen everything...

    2. Jimbo 6

      @ Shane

      That's the best sounding job since I saw - in the small print of some competition rules on a can of beer (one where the 'winning code' was under the ringpull) - "No purchase necessary: just send us your name and address and we'll open a can on your behalf."

      Either that, or the 'Manual Penetration Tester - £45k p.a.' on El Reg's 'Latest Jobs' recently.

  4. Craig 28

    No thanks

    They'll probably turn around and charge you for accessing unlawful and indecent material. At least they can keep it in your file in case you ever say a word out of place about their politics.

  5. blem wit
    Dead Vulture


    No "he will be doing hard time" jabs?

    I am very disappointed.

  6. Steve Swann
    Big Brother

    @ Craig 28

    No, no, Craig.

    It's China, not the UK remember?

  7. Toastan Buttar

    Re: What?

    Well, 13 years is a very stiff sentence.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ... no pun intended xD

  8. Wish You Were Here
    Paris Hilton


    or it didn't happen ;)

    Paris 'cos I've seen the pictures.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    China...a model...

    ....for how we will all live, if the ruling classes get their way.

    It starts with the extreme porn law, before you know it all porn is out the window, and they are handing out draconian sentences like this, for what!? This guy made 40 odd grand a year for selling porno. So fucking what? The thieves, liars and perverts who sentenced him have defrauded and creamed off several times that amount I would wager....not to mention all the other nefarious activities they are probably involved with, but then what's new? Hypocrisy is everywhere, always has been, always will be! It's only a crime if you get caught, and so on...

  10. Shannon Jacobs
    Big Brother

    Mixed feelings

    I want to give them credit for shutting down ANY spammers, but their motives are badly mixed. In general, I believe the Chinese government is quite tolerant of spam--as long as it is bringing in foreign money, corrupting foreign citizens, abusing foreign-owned computers, and they are getting their cut.

    In conclusion, I guess this particular spammer just forgot to bribe the right people. Thirteen years? Rather a nice example of what ALL spammers deserve.

    It's been so many years that I can't remember, but was Big Brother as corrupt and bribe-able as the current Japanese government? My fuzzy recollection is that he was in it for the power, not the money...

  11. The Grump

    Re: China...a model

    Of course China is run by hypocrites. So is England. And here is the US, we voted for our hypocrite-in-chief, President Obummer. Face it - anywhere there is Socialism in control, it's run by hypocrites. They say they want to help you, they say they want to keep you safe, but all they really want is control. Absolute control. Do as I say, not as I do. If their rules applied to them, they wouldn't have absolute control, would they?

    Absolute control means you can do whatever you want, and get away with it. China knows this. England is experimenting with expanding their control. And 85 percent of black americans voted for President Obummer. 160 years after being liberated from slavery, they vote to send themselves right back into slavery again - this time, to the liberal loony left. It would be funny, if it wasn't so tragic.

    Example: When seat belts were made mandatory in cars (damn Ralpf Nader), I did nothing. When failure to use seat belts became a secondary offense ("It will NEVER be a primary offense" - William D Schaeffer, MD Governor), I did nothing. When failure to use seat belts became a primary offense under our very next Governor (Parris N. Glendening, MD Governor), I did nothing. Then they came for me - "failure to use seat belts", the officer said. I thought my life was my own - my mistake. I learned that my life is the exclusive property of the state of MD. At least until Prez Obummer passes govt health care.

    Then my life belongs to the US government. Anything I do might increase my health care costs, so the government (Prez Obummer) MUST step in, and run my life for me. Pizza is fordden - too fattening. Porn is forbidden - I could go blind. Cars are forbidden - "walking is healthy". And of course, having anything more than any other citizen is forbidden - "That wouldn't be FAIR". And freedom dies.

    I have my towel, my beer, and salted peanuts. 1 ticket to anywhere but this planet, one way please.

  12. wv9e

    You're surprised?

    This is how it starts. Pick an easy target and use it to practice attacking citizens for any reason

    the state see's fit. The nazi's in power in the west are just like China. I don't need those that are

    saving me from what they don't like. Internet freedom is the same as free speech. You will never

    protect children from the real foe to freedom, public schools. You will never stop parents intent on

    immorality. Just like the drug war. All they ever accomplish is wasting more tax money and claiming falsely to be saving us from ourselves. Piss off to anyone thinking net monitoring by the

    government of your personal mail or habits is a good thing.

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