back to article Promise pops up in UK with Drobo-ish box

Promise Technology is setting out its stall in the UK with a product line that includes a Drobo-lookalike, the NS4600, which like the Drobo offers media serving functionality. Both boxes are curved edge black rectangles, with four empty drive bays, FireWire and USB connectivity, and can be upgraded with new disk drives as …


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  1. Tom Davies


    Promise's datasheet say FW800 and no GigE -- what's going on?

  2. N2


    The Promise will be faster than Drobo as the Drobo is a proverbial tortoise

    Also, I trust that Promise dont use a proprietary algorithm because Ive heard of plenty of Drobo users loosing all their data when it cant mount the raid - ugly at best.

  3. Maxime256

    Not really fresh news

    The communiqué for the NS4600 is a few months old... 9 months to be precise!

    What is notable though is the release of a new firmware that corrects/improves greatly the box. But the product itself is hardly new.

  4. Tom Davies

    my bad

    That's the DS datasheet I looked at *blush*

  5. Jason Edwards


    Looks amazingly similar to the Edge10 NAS400 that's sat on my desk.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is this really a device to compare against a Drobo? I realise that being able to hot-swap drives is definitely in that vein, but the whole point of the Drobo is that it can take any old drives- if this is a true RAID box then surely it can only take the same size of drives as it already has inserted?

  7. Simon Davies 4
    Thumb Up

    So Promise decided to drop the middleman...

    ie Edge10, thank goodness, the most unhelpful bunch of people ever, I called up regarding missing screws from my second hand Nas400 only to be told.. 'we don't stock them, infact we went down the road and asked a customer to sell us some of his ones from his own unit, you could try Promise but don't mention us'

    As soon as I find the missing screws (somewhat impossible atm) I will be putting this back up on ebay and never getting another Edge10 product again.

  8. Goat Jam

    Marketing vs Reality

    Marketing says;

    "The pitch is that, although it's new to the UK it is in fact a world leader in RAID controllers"

    Reality is;

    "The truth is that, although it's new to the UK it is in fact a world leader in WINDOWS CENTRIC SOFTWARE BASED FAKE RAID controllers"

    Try getting one working under Linux and you will know what I mean.

  9. Jayraz

    Twinned with...

    Promise, like many others, make almost identical DAS and NAS products. What would be great is if maunfacturers could sell one of each as a pre-twinned pair... turn them both on, they look for each other, you point them at each other to confirm, and then they stay in sync ever after (until you deliberately break the link). We'd save so much time setting up a replica backup, remote from the server and its directly attached storage for our SMB customers. Everyone wins!

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