back to article El Reg reader assembles own iPad

The fanbois out there whose lives have become a meaningless succession of days to be crossed off the calendar until the release of Apple's paradigm-busting iPad will be delighted to learn that they can fill the void by assembling their very own future of computing. And here's the proof, courtesy of visibly-fulfilled reader …


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  1. Rob



    1. Dr Richard

      You missed the point ...

      It joins the long line of Apple paper-based models ...

  2. Simon Harris

    Does it come with apps? ... now it does...

    The creators of this have missed a trick here.

    Simply by glueing the artwork onto the front and back covers of a pad of paper, and with the simple addition of an 'iPencil', it comes with apps already built in for making notes, drawing pictures, keeping track of contact details, doing simple calculations....

    In fact, just as useful as a real iPad - probably more so since the apps aren't limited to what Apple allows you to use.

    1. vincent himpe

      and it does handwriting recognition

      too ! even for complex figures !

    2. M Gale

      Simple calculations?

      Christ, what kind of a maths boffin are you? I've been using my trusty iPaperPad in the statistics class here. Pearson Product Correlation Coefficients are not trivial to calculate for normal mortals!

      Still, the old Chunk o' Dead Tree seems to manage.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    this has confirmed my worst fears

    about everything

  4. John 62
    Jobs Halo

    borderless printing is all very well...

    but what about the rounded corners? Better get a CSS3-compliant printer or paper trimmer for that.

    And surely DIYpad was a better name?

  5. Richard 116

    Is that what one looks like?

    The Mac user I mean. Not the iPad.

    1. John Dougald McCallum

      Is that one

      certainly looks like one to me.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      There are better looking ones ...

      Ooogle for "Mac Chick of The Month" and you'll see.

  6. John Sanders



  7. Jimmy Floyd


    I see Apple's lawyers jumping on this within hours. Well, they've made ridiculous demands in the past so why not another little bout of letter writing in the name of billable-hours?

  8. Anonymous John

    What next?

    An aeroplane made out of paper?

    Oh wait....

  9. Haku

    Cheap LCD tablet

    A bargain at only $30!

    But I'm sure I've seen similar devices at my local 99p store for kids (sans LCD)...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    and the award for most unsubtle article as an advert....

    This article ftw!

    I'm sure apple thought about releasing it like that at one point anyway then charging extra for the new version with additional features such as a screen then running just one application.

  11. Mike 68

    Oh right

    From the headline I thought had ripped the guts out of an iPhone, added a bigger screen and stuck it in a larger case, but they're not that clever. I'm sure someone will give it a go though.

  12. tony72
    Thumb Up

    Better than the real thing...

    ..because sadly you can't wipe your arse with a real iPad.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      the only problem with this is flushing...

  13. Steve Anderson

    I prefer...

    ... an iPod Touch with a Fresnel lens attached:

  14. Mikey

    Don't forget...

    ...with the addition of post-it notes, its also capable of multi-tasking, and by adding one of those doohickies from musical birthday cards, its also capableof playing music while you work too.

    So it just proves that building your own machine is better than buying an Apple ;O)

  15. BobTD

    Too small?

    That looks too small... I used basically the same thing from Pocket Gamer ( and had to print it on A3 at 90% to get it to be the correct size.

  16. Chris 58

    come on

    seriously....was someone slapping a pad on a copier and printing it off really worth an article?

    1. James Hughes 1

      I believe it's what's commonly known as...


      Look it up.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Better than the real thing

    If you stuck together more that one sheet along one edge, perhaps with some sort of metal spring type of binding to enable flipping easily between desktops thus enabling multitasking, a notable feature that's lacking from the now trailing edge Apple product.

    Can I register the name iReporter'sNotepad?

  18. Ball boy

    Damn good idea

    I have to admit I'm not an iFan but even I was tempted to sample the latest offering from Jesus Central and, wow, it's impressive!

    It's fully drop-resistant - no, I mean it: I gave it the heave-ho from the multi-story car park here and it's still functioning (sure, it's rough around the edges but all my data's intact and that's the main thing)

    The battery life has to be seen to be believed! Mine's showing no signs of fade after a full days' use.

    Viewing angle: In a word: superb - but a word of caution - use the 'B' stylus to get the full effect

    Virus-free. While I've been unable to test this fully, we all know Macs are fairly resilient anyway - but this has resisted all attempts to get at the data electronically. Having fewer I/O ports than the Air might have something to do with this, now I think about it.

    Whisper it quietly but this is showing all the promise the iPhad would kill to have! Thanks for the head-up, Lester! When's the formal review due out?

  19. Benny


    I keep waiting..

  20. Dr Richard

    Try the full version instead ...

    PDF from a blogger in Taiwan ...

    You'll need an A3 printer but check out the capacity mark on the back 8-)

    Shame about the spelling mistake 8-(

  21. Jon Collins

    Here's one I made earlier...

    OK, I called it "vaiopad" - was this a classic case of peaking too early? ;)

  22. J-Wick
    Thumb Up


    That is all. Carry on.

  23. Andrew Dowd

    Best bit....

    You can fold it up!

    Roll it up?

    It will fit in your pocket....... ish.

    Bet the batteries last a while too....

    Also fully recyclable.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    deeply deeply sad

    this truely is a low point

    Paris - because she loves it!

  25. Anonymous Coward

    Not worth the paper.....'s printed on.

  26. Martin Nicholls
    Paris Hilton


    "the release of Apple's paradigm-busting iPad"

    i.e. that better be, else I'm off.

  27. Stef 1

    !!!@@@### iPad BRAND NEW 1-DAY AUCTION LOOOK ###@@@!!!

    Awaits spate of eBay scam auctions inspired by this article, with baited breath...

  28. The Indomitable Gall

    There's an app for that...

    Here, does the iPad support printers via USB breakout? I see a novelty freebie app coming on....

  29. Usko Kyykka

    At least ...

    ... this works consistently, just like a watch with painted arms which displays the correct time twice a day. Battery life is also obviously not an issue, ever, which is such a big plus for a portable device that I'm very tempted to overlook any shortcomings, especially given the price. At last, a piece of kit which might do exactly what is promised on the tin.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    I suggest ...

    looking at this NSFW video

    Of course, I feel that many El Reg regulars have already seen ig

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