back to article Dell snaps up crashed Exanet

Dell is buying failed clustered filer supplier Exanet for $12m. Exanet slid into bankruptcy last month. At the time, Dell was rumoured to be interested in buying it. That deal is now being done and if it completes Dell will gain intellectual property and possibly a research and development centre in Israel. A Dell statement …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    mixed messages

    myself I have heard mixed messages on the status of BlueArc, some are convinced that HDS will buy them, others are convinced they will not due to the massive amount of debt(over $100M I'm told) that they have. Perhaps HDS will wait for bankruptcy there too before swooping in. Certainly a good fit for HDS, too bad BlueArc hasn't gone and certified more 3rd party storage companies. They claimed it was a difficult process to do, really it is not that complicated for quality storage arrays, they have just had their hands tied by HDS I think.

    It is kind of interesting/sad to see so many of these companies chasing after the NAS scraps that NetApp and EMC leave behind. I imagine none of them are even at 1% market share. A lot of pretty good products out there, just not enough customers.

  2. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    A Friend Once....

    ...said, " I made a small fortune in the Internet.

    Unfortunately, I started with a large fortune."

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