back to article Steve Jobs in secret NYT meet

Apple boss Steve Jobs had a secret meeting with New York Times' publisher Arthur Sulzberger and other executives to show off the iPad and explain what he thinks it means for publishing. Jobs ordered a mango lassi and penne pasta, neither of which are on the Pranna restaurant menu, New York magazine reported. Jobs, apparently …


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  1. corestore


  2. Bob Greenwood
    Jobs Halo

    The hat explains it all !!

    For months Steve needed to keep the iPad secret - and someone advised him to keep it under his hat?

    (Coat getting under way)

  3. Rob


    I imagine Murdoch would eat Jobs alive

    1. RegisterThis
      Jobs Horns

      Would he?

      I imagine Murdoch would have his minions eat Jobs alive if he weren't interested ...

    2. TeeCee Gold badge

      Mango Lassi with that?

      Is he on the menu or is raw 'n twitching sirloin of Jobs also a special order dish?

    3. Ted

      Murdoch is pretty weak...

      You are forgetting Jobs is a lot more intelligent and shrewd than Murdoch... Jobs has far more leverage was well since we all know traditional media is collapsing and Murdoch is really at a disadvantage as the iPad takes over much of his newspaper and news channel empire.

      We'll see... but Murdoch isn't tech savvy, so Jobs will crush him at every turn.

    4. Magnus_Pym

      As Harry Hill would say...

      ...'There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!'

  4. Anonymous Coward

    i love

    the fact he ordered things that were not on the menu :D

    1. Thomas 18


      Im sorry, that product has not been approved for inclusion in menu. Please feel free to resubmit your request later when we will review it again.

      1. Pete 48

        Rejected 2.0

        We're sorry, you can not install food onto your plate that has not been reviewed by the FoodStore (tm)

  5. TRT Silver badge


    or it never happened.

    There must surely be pictures of the meeting taken with Steve's iPad?

    Oh, wait...

  6. jonathan keith
    Jobs Horns


    Had Mr. Jobs grown a moustache as well for the occasion? No Robber-baron Industrialist is complete without a moustache to twiddle. The hat's a good start, but it's the waxed moustache and a crazed laugh that really separates the businessmen from the boys.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge


      Don't forget the cloak. You need something to swirl theatrically for effect to go with that lot.

      A cane always goes down well too. I'm thinking something in japan-black laquer with a silver apple on the end.

      Right, off to the cloakroom now. [Exit - stage left]

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Penne Pasta

    So Mango Yop and Penne, just plain pasta on its own?

    Did the mad hatter get his liver from a 3 year old ?

  8. Petrea Mitchell

    What's under the hat?

    I'll guess that Apple is already working on direct neural interfaces.

    You'll only be allowed to think about Apple-approved ropics, though, so none of that for me, thanks...

  9. Dylan Fahey
    Paris Hilton

    Jobs was selling watches and mystery oils also

    Jobs was also wearing a raincoat. Under the raincoat were a dozen fake rolex's. He would 'flash' the watches, with big huge eyes and say, "Wanna buy a watch for Mongo?"

    You know what the IPAD means for publishers. Nothing, because those old clowns don't even know they are dead yet. They are still breathing, but it's the last gasps of 'death'.

    I personally love the feel of the NY Times in my hands. I can read it, fold it up and take it with me on trips. Alas, that's one more thing I have to let go.

    For Paris, What's a News Paper?

    1. Disco-Legend-Zeke

      Without newspaper...

      ...there would be no appropriate location for my dog to pee.

    2. Magnus_Pym

      To paraphrase my old gaffer.

      'and you can't wipe yer arse on an iPad'

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple & El Reg

    And the headline almost suggested as if Apple would have dared to talk to somebody once connected to El Reg (

  11. Rogan Paneer


    Was the hat a red stepped pyramid shape, like Devo's energy domes? Steve was probably wearing it to amplify his Reality Distortion Field, in preparation for his meeting with Rupert

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