back to article Carly Fiorina unleashes 'demon sheep'

Former HP supremo Carly Fiorina is not sparing the horses in her bid to become Republican senator for California. Or rather, she's not sparing the sheep, as this subtle attack on rival Tom Campbell proves: Well, you really wouldn't want to watch that while under the influence of mind-expanding drugs. Campbell's camp …


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  1. Andy Livingstone

    My hope

    is that her bid for the Senate is as successful as her time at HP. Total obscurity beckons.

  2. sprag

    All that ad needs is Yakety sax

    Oh, here's one:

    I'm hoping that its just the first in a series of ads!

  3. Eduard Coli
    Thumb Down

    Demon Carly

    Carly would be perfect for California political landscape.

    With the way she mismanaged and butchered Lucent and HP she would fit right in with the current administration.

    How is she going to layoff the people of California though?

    That was her formula for success before, layoff the workforce, pay massive bonuses to the executives, jump ship before the stockholders realize whats going on.

  4. LinkOfHyrule

    More sheep!

    Blimey! Is it international sheep day today or something?

    Bloody hell! That is freaky!

    May I be the first to welcome our new glowing-red-eyed sheepy overloards!

  5. ian 22

    I'm Carly Fiorina, and I approved this mess

    AAAAHAHAHAHA !<gasp for breath>

    Amateur theatrics! Carly must be so proud, but where is the adult supervision?



    Thank you El Reg, for scouring the intertubes for us. I'll hoist one to you.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Um ...missed the punch line?

    The author didn't pay enough attention to the ad (though I can't blame him with this thing being over 3 minutes long). Demon Sheep = Wolf in Sheep's Clothing; i.e., the candidate not really fiscally conservative like he is protraying himself to the public. Or with the red eyes perhaps a Demon Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

    I do have to concede the ad is a bit bizarre and just a tad disturbing.

  7. Mike Smith

    Takes me back

    .. to late-night Channel 4 in the 1980s. All it needs to make the trip down memory lane complete is a few unrelated shots of two strangers shagging on the floor of a burned-out high-rise flat.

  8. strangefish

    for anyone who wants to skip forward

    the Hollywood quality special effects they start from about 2:26

  9. Robert Moore

    Good luck Yanks.

    This stupid woman is so incompetent that she managed to nearly destroy HP, now she want to run part of your country.

    Oh you are well and truly FUBAR.

    1. El

      All is not lost

      You are overestimating the stupidity of the Californian voters. Yes, they are pretty stupid, but not stupid enough to vote for her. I suspect those that worked for her will vote overwhelming against her. Whoever is backing her campaign is seriously delusional.

      1. Nusato

        No, they really are that stupid

        Isn't this the same group ("the Californian voters") that let out-of-state groups of religious nutballs convince them to vote against equality under the guise of protecting marital hypocrisy and the divorce rate. They also wanted to secede at some point in the recent past, and despite being the source of large amounts of food, productive labor, and materials, managed to piss it all away in a series of insane gambles and idiotic ("Enron") choices.

  10. Paul 131

    presdential bid next?

    Great running mate for radneck Palin

  11. DI_Wyman

    Crikey Gromit..

    Thatcher is reincarneted before she has even shuffled off the mortal coil!

  12. Mike Moyle Silver badge

    So, about the special effects...

    When the column with the sheep on it rose from the field, was I the only one that heard "The Liberty Bell March" (the Monty Python theme music) followed shortly by "Sheep do not so much FLY as PLUMMET...!"?

    OTOH, she IS running as a candidate for the Extremely Silly (i.e., Republican) Party nomination, so I suppose it all makes sense.

    1. Shades


      I thought the sheep was standing atop one of those, erm, personal massage devices!

      Please don't ask how my mind works!

  13. davenewman

    Weird definition of conservative

    How can one have a conservative budget when you refuse to increase taxes to the levels of other states or countries, as the taxpayer's alliance and Carly Fiorino want to? It looks like the guy attacked is a Californian David Cameron, prepared to put up taxes to avoid bankruptcy.

    1. James Butler

      Fiscal Conservative

      You're thinking of the dictionary version of the word "conservative". What Fiorino is speaking to is the *political* version of "conservative", which is to say ... "Don't even talk about money at any time, unless it is to tell me that I get to keep more of mine or take some more of someone else's."

      Note that this concept extends to infrastructure spending, social services, emergency services ... y'know ... all of that "socialist" stuff that taxes inevitably pay for ... which is why there should be *no* taxes, and certainly no *raising* of taxes, from the perspective of a "fiscally conservative" Fiorino.

  14. M. Burns Silver badge

    What is amazing about Carly Fiorina

    Is that she actually towts her dismal track record running HP as if it was something great.

  15. El

    All hail Queen Carly!

    I worked at HP Corvalis during Queen Carly's reign of incompetence, and the impression I got was that she was pretty universally despised -- but nobody would admit to it on the record. I think the best response to her campaign would be to simply interview a bunch of ex-HP employees and ask them "You've had Carly running your company... would you want her running your country?"

    1. Anonymous Coward


      "I worked at HP Corvalis during Queen Carly's reign of incompetence"

      You left out an "l" there, not that it matters :)


  16. Stewart Haywood

    Cylon Sheep

    Good grief, I had no idea that the cylons had sheep.

    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: Cylon Sheep

      Well, where did you think synthetic wool came from?

      Stop shoving, I'm going, I'm going!

  17. Marvin the Martian

    What does it even mean?

    Anyone care to care to explain the line

    "... literally set the stage for the decline of California."? What, literally? California's shrunk? Its population fell? What, literally?

  18. tom 24

    To quote MST3K...

    "Would somebody please tell the director about compressing time through editing?"

  19. Martin 71 Silver badge

    Is this actually real?

    32 cents per gallon tax makes someone evil? American politics has become WAY weirder since I left 5 years ago!

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Fiscally conservative?

    California keeps cutting back on education. It's an ongoing downward spiral. In 30 years time we'll have to communicate with them by waving dollars and pointing at shiny stuff.

    1. El

      Worse than that

      I lived in California for 17 years. Every couple years, the politicians would start crying "We need more money for education! Think of the children!" Then they would raise taxes, the additional revenue would go into the general fund, not the schools, and a few years later, they would be crying "We need more money for education!" again!

      Then there was the time when the Governor gave a press conference on all the wonderful things he was going to do with the state budget surplus. This little old retired school teacher asked him "Aren't you required by the state constitution to rebate that money to the taxpayers?" to which he replied "I've got a team of lawyers working on a way around that as we speak". Wonderful -- he admitted live on the air the he was spending the taxpayers money to find ways to violate the state constitution and deprive the taxpayers of more money!

      Yes, any government needs a tax base to function, and Carly apparently wants to prove she can be every bit as incompetent and unethical at politics as she was at business. That doesn't change the fact that California has screwed the citizens on taxes in the past, and they have good reason to be pissed off.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its very funny

    Of course when candidates run ads like that I tend to get annoyed and chose never to vote for them. I'm an independent and sometimes I'll switch party allegiance based on which party runs the most negative ads.

  22. Snert Lee

    almost works

    It's a bad ad because the intro pretty much requires you to already have an opinion on the other guy to get the joke, which means the uninformed probably won't take the hook. And FCINO will never work without a catchy way to say, like RINO and DINO and ... fuh'psy-no ? Or maybe with a hard C like fuh'k-eye-no.

    Would make better ads for HP than their Harry Potter typography does. Seems to say HP always thinks it's Halloween, or some such.

  23. Andy Livingstone

    Usually works fine

    A.C. 49 other States say it's OK. Crossing the pond fast too. Innit.

  24. niya blake


    Thatcher is reincarneted before she has even shuffled off the mortal coil!

    No we just clone her . You can have them both back

    1. Ivor Kintol D'uso

      Have Thatcher back

      Yes please - as soon as possible, ideally before May 6th!

  25. Anonymous Coward

    Because of her, I *still* have a personal ban on all things HP

    They offer some nice products, but they still have a whiff of Fiorina about them...

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