back to article SGI biz still kinda lumpy

When Rackable Systems bought defunct supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics and took its name last year, it got a radically expanded customer base and a shot at evening out its own lumpy business among hyperscale Internet companies with SGI's equally bumpy HPC business. The idea - and it may prove to be a sound one in the long run …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Cray Schmay

    um... Cray is using the AMD chips in the high end systems and Intel in the low end CX1 POS models. The CX1 is a non starter so it isn't much of a chip strategy really... more of a cock up by management I presume... whoever runs the CX1 fiasco really should turn in their badge and go grow potatoes or something ...if they actually can that is...

    1. ToddRundgren

      SGI UV

      Isn't this story about SGI, If so why the reference to Cray's CX1?

      Having said that what, in your view, is the problem with the CX1?

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    One Small Step for aman, One Giant Quantum Leap for Mans' Kind.

    Have SGI not got anything which can kick the doors of data centres off their hinges ....... which would be new product/novel content so big that it captures the entire IT and Media Market and Leads by XSSXXXXAmple. ........ with Comprehensive Master Pilot Cloud Control Programs, Initially Shared in Stealthy Live Betas and Dismissed and/or Largely Ignored as Widely Believed Incomprehensible rather than just Simply CompleXXXX and requiring Monitored Virtual Instruction with Real Practical Help for Advanced Mentored Delivery of Finer Processed Enhanced Information ....... an Artificial Intelligence Feed for Human Consumption ...... Alien Source CyberIntelAIgents.

    How very disappointing that would be, whenever it is so ubiquitously out there in its IT Broad Domain Specialised Markets.

  3. ToddRundgren

    SGI UV

    Almost forgot, --- I hadn't realized that SGI/Rackable would hav eaccess to these lovely new CPUs from Intel and AMD and that obviously, IBM, HP, and Dell do not?

    Give SGI another 12 months and they will be defunct again.

  4. Bill Neal

    $1,001 million in revenues?

    31 per cent more red ink than the combined SGI-Rackable posted (a $17.6m loss) in the first fiscal quarter ended in September, when the company had $1001.m in revenues.

  5. Echo 5

    No matter how hard they blow...

    No matter how hard they blow, they can't turn a dog turd into a balloon.

    SGI spiraled down the porcelain throne. Rackable was bleeding red and heading for the great whirlpool as well. Joining the two isn't going to cure the flu they each have. It is just going to require a plunger and some elbow grease when they finally reach the bottom of the bowl.

    SGI had their own processor technology (Mips), and was a pioneer in 64-bit computing. In their heyday they were amazing, a real technology pioneer and serious computing and visualization player. Once they ditched their own processor architecture for Intel's they became nothing more than a technicolor Supermicro. As for Rackable, their major feat was shorty 2U chassis in a rack and using DC power. Compared to SGI's once having a processor architecture, Rackable is a helmet wearing short bus commando with a drool bucket.

    Both of them seem to excel at blowing cash like an undersexed, alcoholic trust fund kid in Vegas.

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