back to article Yes! It's the iPad jacket!

‘Is that an iPad in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?’ If you’re wearing the latest gadget jacket from geek clothing firm Scottevest then your answer will probably be the former. ipad_jacket Scottevest's Travel Vest: the World's first iPad compatible coat? That’s because the company’s Travel Vest - North …


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  1. Smokey Joe



    The slashd... RegEffect?

  2. bluesxman

    Stylish and functional.

    Well, maybe I'll just stick with functional.

    Alas, there's no breast pocket -- so where will my pocket protector go?!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      No breast pockets? there's nowhere to put my breasts now?

      Yes, yes I'm going.

  3. JWS
    Thumb Down


    I see an Ipod a Blackberry and an iPad, just ditch the pad and the pod and use the BB or for Mac addicts ditch the lot for an iPhone!

  4. Natalie Gritpants

    Bit of redundancy

    OK so how many cameras are in that jacket? Music players?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's just a jacket with pockets- I fail to grasp the excitement.

    A PROPER iPhone/iPad jacket would have earphones that pulled out of the collar so you don't have to wire yourself up every time you put it on. Also, it should have thin-film solar panels everywhere and connectors in the pockets so you can charge as you go. *unimpressed*

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Proper jacket

      There's another prototype jacket which does it right.

      Flexible photovoltaic panels for recharging, really clever conductive fibres carrying power and Ethernet data and (no surprise) big enough pockets for the gadgets.

      It's designed by some British chaps who had to go to Canada to get backing for the R&D, because business won't pay for innovation here anymore.

  6. The Indomitable Gall

    Not convinced...

    Even aside from the "large only" thing, looking at the design, the only specific headphone conduit is from the iPod/MP3 pocket, so you can't even use your iPad as an oversized iPod.

  7. Tom 7 Silver badge


    That looks good to catch the iPad between hip and doorknob - or lost under beergut on sitting.

  8. Simon Harris Silver badge

    Took one look at the picture...

    ... and thought 'wow - those new airport 3D body scanners are good - you can even see what apps are running through the clothes!'

  9. Nathan 13
    Black Helicopters


    Its the I-operational waistcoat that our SAS boys wear!!!

  10. NightFox
    Black Helicopters

    Tango Down

    Wow, can you imagine going through the new airport full-body x-ray machines rigged out like that?

    You'd be gunned down like a dawg before you even had the chance to say "Multitask".

  11. h 6


    It has no sleeves -- it's a vest. Any fool know that.

    1. seanj


      What kind of crazy-arsed waistcoats have you been wearing that have sleeves? Maybe you're thinking of a smoking jacket... or a reguar coat...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Does the TSA know about this 'vest' ?

    lots of inner pockets ... place for wires ... run rudolf run ...

  13. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    A vest by any other name...

    ...would swell as tweet. The gear-jacket has been around for a long time, a couple years ago, at the NAB convention, Panasonic gave away a very nice one for the Video Crowd.

    Most hiker/camper dealers have versions with solar cells for keeping your batteries topped off.

    I recall carrying my VELO in the inside pocket or a regulation suit coat. The real design issue is how small a screen you can tolerate for your pr0n.

    It should also be beerproof.

  14. Greg J Preece

    Nice idea, but a waistcoat?

    I carry a million gadgets every day, and I have to stuff what pockets I have full. I'd love something like this, but it's just so....ugly. Give it some sleeves, add a bit of length, make it a looser fit, make it out of leather....

    So yeah, just take a proper jacket and sew some more pockets in it. Damn, I should try that. I could make money...

  15. Anton Ivanov

    1 kg in a vest pocket?

    No, thank you very much. That would be very uncomfortable to wear.

    If I want to drag around a kg or so in a pocket it ain't going to be a vest. It will be a trenchcoat or french style raincoat (the kind you can see Alain Delon wearing in a couple of flicks) and it would be more useful kg or so. The one I have has pockets big enough to accommodate a netbook or a Desert Eagle depending on your personal preferences.

    Me coat, the one that looks out of place in a British pub.

  16. strangefish
    Thumb Up


    I can fit two good sized sandwiches in there and looks like the two moob pockets will hold a pasty for later and a choccie bar for my mid-morning snack. Now if that one with the drinky will accomodate a bottle of Magners I'm laughing.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    So is it?

    For the over 60's only?

  18. John 104


    Perfect for all those iWhaver fashion retards out there

    Mines the one with douchebag Apple Zealot written on the back.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @John 104

      ...did you notice that in the image there was an iPod touch AND NO OTHER APPLE PRODUCTS.

      So, I'd recommend having your one altered to just say "Douchebag" on the back, it might be more accurate.

  19. Tony Bloke

    Looks like they've been browsing b3ta...

  20. Winkypop Silver badge

    Dwayne Dibley

    Would look right at home in one of those!

    Just add plastic sandals.

  21. Geoff Mackenzie


    So all I need to do is look out for people wearing those. I foresee a large rise in my mugging profits.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Should be interesting...

    Going through Airport Security...

    You'd be on the receiving end of an Elbow Length Rubber Glove in seconds!

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And overheating of appliances in pockets a consideration. Your device probably won't melt the jacket but it will malfunction if cooling is interrupted. Maybe it's time to give a new meaning to "fanny pack" - have a pocket or satchel with its own cooling fan.

    Also: very robust screen protection.

  24. Anonymous Coward


    Spend a fortune to Impress your mates with your vast collection of iGadgets, and then spoil it all by dressing like a train spotter. The only thing missing is the pocket for the flask of tea.

    Being seen in public wearing one of these things will surely mark you as a lucrative target for muggers.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      ...before anyone points it out....

      I did note that a small bottle is shown in the picture, but in the wild the common train-spotter (Animadverto Locomotum) requires a family size flask of the type last seen in the 1970s.

      Also the omission of a "Ham sandwich" pocket is somewhat remiss.

  25. Anonymous Coward


    I love the way that your Kindle / bottle of water looks set to jab you squarely in the knackers should you want to sit anywhere.

  26. Oliver 7

    Biggest export market for these?


  27. Anonymous Coward


    If you need a special vest to carry all you gadets in, you should seriously think about going to


    putting all your gadets into one of their products and getting a life.

  28. markp 1
    Paris Hilton

    meh, a thousand times meh

    I already have a common or garden denim jacket actually hung over the back of my desk chair right now with inside pockets big enough to hold an Eee PC (yes, I've tried and done it, though it also sort-of fit in a mildly generous workaday trouser pocket). I don't see the fuss. A slightly larger cut-out in the design, oh wow.

    Also seconding the sentiment as to just why you'd need an iphone, pad AND crackberry, particularly when the pad seems more of a stay-at-home or at least stay-in-the-suit/briefcase device. How about a more traditional phone that then has room for a decent built in camera, negating some of the need for the dedicated one? (I'm not going to be fool enough to suggest it as a full replacement, but even the fairly rubbish one in my Nokia beats the Apple ones - Sony models are even better). I have been known to have dedicated mp3 player, phone, and camera when on a trip, but those occurrences are getting less year on year as convergence progresses. The (non-i, non touch) phone, particularly, is rapidly reaching the point where the old 20gb 1.8" disk based mp3 is looking a bit of a dinosaur; I'll be able to get a 32Gb microSD for less than the bargain basement price paid for the whole player, soon, AND the phone has a built in FM transmitter and bluetooth wireless headphone compatibility...

    And where are the sleeves?

    Seems like the kinda trendy thing Ms Hilton would enjoy though.

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