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Intel uncloaked a few more details on Wednesday about its line of consumer-level 32nm Westmere processors, which were previewed late last year and formally announced at last month's Consumer Electronics Show. While most details of the Westmere consumer processors - known in marketing parlance as the Core i3/i5/i7 line - were …


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  1. Sparckus

    Speed boost great but.....

    Being an intel GPU it'll still be shit.

  2. Funky Chicken


    When will these people realise that desktop/home server CPU users want these features too??

    In 2000 I was banging my head figuring out how to put a mobile CPU into a desktop. I didn't think that, a decade later, I'd still be doing it.

  3. Christian Berger

    One does not buy Intel because of the speed

    One buys Intel because they have really good open source drivers. It just works out of the box.

    And those chips are built to work without fans, so they won't overheat as easily.

  4. Ivan Slavkov

    Speed boosted crap is still crap

    Speed boosted crap is still crap. The day when intel is forced by competition authorities to exit the video market or delivers product that can compete on merit not on forced bundling will be a good day for the computer industry.

    That is besides the fact that Nvidia has had dynamic clocking for ages now.

  5. JeeBee

    Mobile graphics run slowly anyway.

    Well if Intel are clocking the mobile graphics at 200MHz, it's hardly special bumping them up to 800MHz for very short periods of time, probably when on AC power.

  6. TeeCee Gold badge

    Intel mobile graphics.

    So now you can turn the performance all the way up to "abysmal"?

    That'll be nice.

  7. Joe User

    Reality filter

    With Turbo Boost, your on-board graphics performance will go from "sludge" to "fast sludge".

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