back to article Google pushes new multitouch onto Nexus One

Google has pushed out a software update for its Nexus One phone that attempts to improve 3G connectivity while adding "pinch-and-zoom" multitouch to a trio of applications where the navigate-with-your-fingers technology was conspicuously absent. The update - which Google began distributing to existing phones yesterday - also …


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  1. chistery
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    Or download it now

    Follow the instructions here:

    "pinch to zoom" works really well, a great update from Google.

  2. Shades

    Is it me...

    ...or is El Reg now starting to get the same treatment from Google as they do from Apple?

  3. Chris 86
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    Just call it PolyFondle. Sounds much better anyway.

  4. werrington
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    I see Reg has a new favicon, copying the google trend.

  5. h 6


    Welcome to 2007, Mr. Android.

    Sent from my elitist phone

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I can't really see the big deal about multi-touch

      The pinch to zoom stuff is nice, but I'm just as happy tapping a + button.

      If they've updated the keyboard to support multi-touch though, that'll be better. We'll see (I could download it, but I really can't be arsed just for the sake of waiting for a few days).

  6. Tony Paulazzo


    Screw Apple! Copyright is theft. Draw up the battle lines tech nerds for tonight we dine in hell...

    Apple vs Google vs MS (may the less evil one win) - sounds of maniacal, almost delusional laughter echo around the bat-less belfry.

    Copyright me. Ooh phones: Shiny!

  7. caffeine addict

    multitouch from 2.0?

    If Android has had multitouch since 2.0, why does my HTC Hero (1.6) have multitouch on it?

    That said, multitouch in google maps would be rather nice. Come on HTC, where's my 2.1 upgrade...?

  8. DZ-Jay

    Re: Is it me...


    Not yet. Notice how at the footer El Reg notes "This story has been updated with comments from Google[...]"

    You'll never see such a thing on an Apple story. Well, unless it's an Apple story updated with comments from Google.


  9. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Re: Is it me...

    We would happily add comment from Apple, but the company refuses to talk to us.

  10. Ben Rosenthal

    getting annoyed with HTC now

    why is my Hero so far behind?

    You really think I'm going to break contract almost a year early for a software update then you are severely mistaken!

    It does have multitouch eliteist phone man, this is an update to that function..... which I'd still like along with the rest of 2.0 as promised months ago :/

  11. Mullerrad

    Android Nexus

    My update arrived today.

    IMO the nexus is a better phone then the iphone.

    (written on a mac book pro )

  12. Boatus


    Anyone else seen the info about the leaked HTC scorpion? It replace's the Nexus One's 1GHz and instead has a 1.5 GHz processor. Apparently O2 and HTC are meant to be making an announcement shortly... Looks like this could possibly be it!

    Apparently the 1.5GHz processor would be duel core ... good by good battery life! But should be available in 2010 though!

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