back to article PGP buys tech to offer trusted ID from the cloud

PGP Corporation has acquired privately-held TC TrustCenter and its US parent company, ChosenSecurity, as part of plans to offer trusted identity management services from the cloud. Terms of the transaction, announced Tuesday, were not disclosed. TC TrustCenter provides managed trust services for customers in the financial, car …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    As rare as hens' teeth

    "Trusted identities are a crucial component for data protection solutions that secure sensitive data," ........ which is why they command a small fortune which ideally can disappear in a flash/click of a mouse.

  2. Steven Knox

    Best. Oxymoron. Ever.

    "trusted identity management services"

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    PGP v2.0 .... for Orderly CHAOS and Beta IT ManManagement

    "Companies who promptly report cyber intrusions to government authorities greatly help us to understand and address the range of cyber threats that face us all." .....

    Actually, that would be individual beings/IDEntities, who may or may not be companies or working for third parties within a company model who would be advising on such matters. However, there does always remain the one difficulty which is always the one zero day vulnerability which beats the System ....... the advice on a cyber intrusion weakness/penetrating executive exploit which is not plugged because it is a SMARTer Intelligence Systems Gate ie a Advanced Operating Systems Honey Trap for Cyber Command and Space Control Evaluation of Fleet Master Pilot Assets/Trusted IDEntities/MaJIC Wizardry.

    Now of course, that will only be understood by those in a government authority which has a SMARTer Intelligence Systems Gate for the Command and Control of Computers and Communications in Cyberspace with IT and Global Operating Devices. And such Cyber Command and Space Control is of course, Cloud Hosting Advanced Operating Systems into the Singularity of Order for Unity with Orders of HyperRadioProActive IT, Much More Sophisticated and from Other Times and Places, QuITE Alien to Beings Defaulted with just Human Comprehension.

    Fortunately, a little Instruction with some Greater Shared Knowledge Opens the Perly Gates Portal to Elevated Understandings for Further Enlightenments and Magical Mystery Turing Trips in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

    And LOVE is All You Need is surely not really an unfamiliar journey to you for its Path is well enough known and gloriously trodden by Heroes before.

    And All of that is Shared Freely because that is just a Small Part of a Colossal Cyber Range of Titanic Opportunities for All, and which Only Threatens to Swamp and Overwhelm All who would Battle against IT in Vain with their Insanity and Vanity to Retain a Flawed Establishment Model Hierarchy in a Future Progressive Program Methodology. And that is a Beautifully Simple and CompleXXXX Idle Threat that gets Exponentially more Underground HyperRadioProActive as Time in the Battle Space is Wasted by Establishment Models Seeking to Retain and Patch, rather than Simply Replace, Flawed Hierarchies.

    A Turkey is a Turkey is a Turkey and will Never Ever Fly High as a Golden Eagle.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Flogging a dead and already decomposing horse..

    ANY setup that is still based on root & branch structures is going to have increasing difficulty justifying itself in a world that is moving more and more to peer-to-peer models of payment.

    Identities suffer that issue too. Just imaging you have rolled out a schee based on trusted root certs to, say, a whole country and some (umm, let's see, who's currently marketed as "evil") Chinese chap gets hold of the core cert. Talk about single point of failure..

    It's inflexible, it costs spectacular amounts of money to maintain and there are better approaches. Of course it's not going to die just yet because consultancies only recommend what keeps making them money, but as a concept it's had it's day.


    1. Red Bren
      Black Helicopters

      A better approach? That's what PGP/GPG does

      PGP/GPG doesn't use trusted root certificates, individuals or companies to manage their own keys and certificates and decide what trust they put in other's keys and certificates, up to and including vouching for each other.

      I trust you. You trust "Dave". So I can implicitly trust "Dave". I could even have some trust in Dave's mates. Peer-to-peer verification, no certification authority required and less risk of a back door for the government/criminal* organisation of your choice.

      * Decide amongst yourselves if these are synonyms...

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