back to article Windows 7 misses Microsoft's summit of success

Microsoft has reversed the blow to its business wrought by the recessionary end of 2008, announcing second-quarter results more in-line with its standard performance. On Thursday, the company boasted the demand for Windows 7, launched in October, had propelled it towards record second-quarter revenue and profit. The comparable …


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  1. Paul Lee 1

    Hardly a stellar uptake

    I collect stats on agent visits to my website (and yes I know they can be spoofed!) and while Windows 7 uptake has been modest it has not been 'spectacular' in the way that windows XP was and vista wasn't. My graphs are here: (they are log-linear by the way)

  2. IT specialist

    It's all downhill from here

    Microsoft's profits can only go downhill in the years ahead.

    It's latest profit depended almost entirely on consumers buying Windows 7. But consumers are going to move to more mobile devices. In a few years, the touch-screen phone will be the #1 client for accessing the net.

    It's also very possible that tablet / slate devices will become very popular as personal computers for the average consumer. The smartphone / smartbook / slate market is out of Microsoft's reach. The company made catastrophic decisions 5 years ago that made it miss the bus in mobile.

    Microsoft will not be able to get back into the consumer mobile game. You can't be 5 years too late and then come to market with a nice copy-cat product. Windows Mobile 7 is going to be another disaster, just like Zune.

    Because Microsoft has ceded the next generation of computing to Apple and Google, its profits can only go downhill from here.

  3. Arctic fox
    Gates Horns

    Logical analysis?

    I am definitely not one of MS' fanboys and yes, my gut feeling is that whilst Win 7 is doing the company a certain amount of good (their reputation after the Vista-debacle if nothing else) it is not doing them as much good as they would like to believe or like us to believe. Nonetheless if it flatters MS too much to compare the second quarter of 2009 with the same period in 2008 (when the world economy was heading down the toilet at high speed) it is equally illogical to compare the current reported quarter with the final three months of 2007 just before the "Shysters of the Universe" on Wall Street succeeded in giving the world economy the second biggest b** f***ing in the history of modern capitalism. In fact the reaction of the markets to MS delivering fairly solid results in these uncertain times is reasonably logical. With regard to Win 7 specifically, the degree of uptake by businesses in the course of 2010 will be far more interesting and informative.

  4. Apocalypse Later


    You can do better:

    "The bet you can say is that "

    "That means it was more like business usual."

  5. lucmars

    Yes, but now...

    ...everybody will believe that Windows 7 reduces your laptop's battery life. Redmond should have to find an other name than Windows 8 or 9 or more. (Should they choose "Windows X" ?)

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