back to article iPad Mini/Nano beta-tester: Of course it's real

Our world exclusive yesterday disclosing Apple's pocket-sized, enhanced version of the recently announced iPad fondle-slab device has drawn a good deal of excited comment. Naturally there could be nothing tastier than whipped-up hype digested, excreted, eagerly gobbled up again and finally plopped onto a plate for your Friday …


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  1. SuperTim


    The world now knows i exist! I suppose i better put away the bowl of warm water and razorblades so i can now bathe in my newfound glory!

  2. cd

    I'm holding out...

    ...for the iPad Shuffle.

    1. tanj666

      iPad Shuffle ...

      It sounds like an uncomfortable feminine hygine product. but imagine, no screen but text-to-speech! The first version will for on your collar, hold only 25 pages and will read them in any order it cares to.

      Think of all those books you've got bored with, a new story every time!

  3. Richard 81


    Methinks those questioning El Reg on its journalistic merits, might just be those who fell for the article and don't like be seen as big stupid heads.

    1. Rob

      LOVE IT!

      'Big stupid heads' that's the first insult I'm teaching my little'un

  4. Law

    tis friday!!!

    CHEERS! :)

    1. Anonymous Coward


      I missed out on reading el Reg on Friday and it's depressing to come across these posts on a Monday morning!

  5. Blake St. Claire

    News alert

    I'm currently beta testing the Ipad G2.

    13" screen, built-in keyboard and touchpad. Real multi-tasking. 1.3kg.

    It's a beautiful thing I tell you.

    1. Gangsta
      Jobs Horns

      MacBook AIR?

      So you mean a Macbook Air with touch support? :D

      1. Merchman


        That sound you can hear - that's a joke soaring majestically over your head.

  6. Annihilator Silver badge

    Comments on comments

    Won't the compiler implode at such recursion?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Why must my title contain letters and/or fingers?

      so I'm commenting on something that was a comment in the comment section of an article about comments?

    2. The Original Ash

      Them POETS are calling

      'tis their day, after all.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Did you mean Recursion?

  7. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    Only when I reply to you

    As then it's a comment in a comment on a comment. We have just a few seconds left bef

  8. Geoff 25

    Re: Comments on comments

    Comments on comments are the norm... not sure about comments on comments on articles on comments on articles

    1. Paul 4


      I realy need a pint.

  9. Bill Fresher

    new iMac

    I have a feeling the next gen iMac (with rumours that it'll have a touch screen) will look like a large docked iPad. Rubbish.

    1. gizmo23

      iMac touchscreen

      Remember the gorilla arm!

  10. Prag Fest
    Thumb Up

    Ok, but...

    All very witty, but it got me thinking. Did you see the iPad keyboard dock? It would be really cool if they designed something like that, but with the ability to fold the pad down against the keyboard, thus, protecting the screen. Possibly even forming a complete, sealed unit. Get one of those together and I think I'm sold on the pad idea.

  11. Parax

    I thoguht this comment was a gud un.

    Dom Joly's initial delight soon turned to disappointment once he discovered it was not a phone.


  12. Elmer Phud

    But no Playmobil

    We should have at least had the prophet (profit?) handing down the tablets (bugger - pads) to the adoring disciples.

    And a StephenFry in holy rapture.

    Them black columns in the 2001 filum have got nothing on the way these slates have got the monkeys all jumoping up and down.

    Playmobil - it's Friday ffs!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Genesis or Job?

      St.eve Tempted Man With an Apple.


  13. yorgasor

    What will they call the larger model?

    I'm thinking if they were to call a smaller model the Ipad Mini, the logical name for a larger model would be the Ipad Maxi.

    My coat is the one with feminine hygiene products in the pocket.

    1. lglethal Silver badge

      True i probably dont want to know the answert to this...

      but why do you have feminine hygiene products in your pocket?

      1. M Gale


        She's female?

        Yeah okay. Coat, hat, door, etc.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    come one

    El Reg is the daily mail / sun / sport of it news sites, got to expect some stuff like this on here.

    next will be 'iPad found on the moon' :D

    1. Tom 35


      followed by some one finding an image of an iPad on a grilled cheese sandwich or maybe an iPad shaped stain on the floor of a gas station restroom.

  15. Doc Spock

    The REAL future....!

    How about looking even further into the future:

    - handwriting input (with optional input guidance)

    - lifetime of persistent storage

    - multiple storage capacities

    - real-time access to old data

    - instant-on

    - colour and monocrome

    - 1:1.4142 aspect ratio

    - 14.3" diagonal

    - compatible with huge array of input devices

    - still has A4 in the tech specs

    - A5 version rumoured (7.15" diagonal)

    - custom covers available

    I've seen the future!! And it's an A4 notepad.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I imagine...

    ...The Register's editorial office to be a cross between some sort of bacchanalian revel and a fifth grade field trip to the chocolate factory. An awful lot of impulse-driven consumption, with the possibility of pained regret and a 500 word essay afterwards.

    No real point... just an observation. Sort of explains a lot, and helps keep the whole thing in perspective.

  17. Alan_Peery

    iPad Nano -- a perfectly sensible device

    Imagine an iPhone with faster processor, multi-tasking, and a higher resolution screen of 1024x768--but still iPhone sized. *That* I'd be interested in.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Next up

    The iBrick. No battery and no screen. Baked solid through and through and if you stack and cement them real nice you can build all kinds of neat buildings with them.

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