back to article Seagate pumps £60m into Springtown plant

In a bit of cheery news for Ulster, Seagate is pumping £60m into its Springtown, Londonderry, plant to develop next-generation read/write heads. Springtown develops and manufactures the hard disk drive heads using nanoscale technology, and supplies more than a million heads a day. The £60m is made up of £47.3m from Seagate …


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  1. cmaurand


    Mechanical drives are going to be a thing of the past in the next decade or so. Why spend the money on a dying technology?

    1. Ammaross Danan

      Re: Why?

      You spend money on the "dying" technology so it doesn't "die" tomorrow and force us to work with semi-immature, expensive technology such as NAND-flash or "holographic" storage, spintronics, etc. This will give us that "ten years" to further develop these technologies to make the transition from they "dying" tech work more smoothly. Anyway, why dump more money into the "dying tech" of silicon-based CPUs? We have "working" quantum computers after all.... (yes, this is the same thing, so don't flame me claiming it isn't)

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