back to article Nokia Q4 shows it ain't dead yet

Nokia had a pretty decent fourth quarter and is showing the first signs that savage cost-cutting and redundancies might just be working. Sales were down four per cent to €12bn and operating profit jumped 132 per cent to €1.1bn. The Finnish firm sold 126.9m mobile devices, up 12 per cent on last year which gave it a 39 per …


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  1. David Webb

    Oh really?

    With 49% of the smartphone market, who in their right mind thought Nokia was dying in the first place?

  2. manky

    I did

    when I saw it lying in a pool of blood just outside the O2 store with just about every other phone manufacturers handsets when the iPhone went on sale...

  3. Jeff 10

    Apple is not irrelevant

    @AC- since when is Apple irrelevant? They have a small overall market share, but are a big player in the smartphone market, and, importantly, they out do the other players in profits, with a significant contribution from the iPhone.

    You may not wish to have an iPhone- many folks don't, and that is fine as it's a personal choice. But to disparage others because their choice is not yours? I don't have an iPhone either, but keep it in perspective. Apple has a serious handset (if they would just unlock multitasking, it would be better), and other manufacturers have seen their results dented by it. It is a threat, as is Android.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Please don't make people look up from their little iPhone-centric thoughts and notice that other stuff is going on. It only confuses people when they realise that Apple is not actually calling the shots very well at all.

    Mind you, didn't stop my kids from getting iPod touches, they knew what they wanted. Apparently they used to get endless grief when they had "different" MP3 players.

  5. grimreality

    Apple is not worth it

    I don't mind the dekstop but for mobile phone I want something I can use and not be tied down like some S&M freak.

    The iPad is going to be a flop unless Apple quickly gets a iPad 2.0 out with some added features such as phone capabilities, or camera, or a flash player, or actually just make it a tablet pc and not a big iPod touch.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have they fired their software team yet?

    No? Pity.

  7. pctechxp
    Thumb Up

    The choice of the discerning customer

    For lightweight, value for money, decent looking and performing phones Nokia is numero uno.

    For an expensive, gimmick laden paperweight with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity there's the iPhone.

    What will Apple do in a couple of years when its run out of gimmicks.

  8. Neil Greatorex


    Despite the hype, will be - at best - only 10ths of a single percent of laptop sales.

    It will be hyped otherwise, pretty much like the "smartphone" figures recently plastered over the new fangled interweb. I recall reading that the iPhone had 80% of this market, or some other bollocks, when cold reality & undoctored stats brought it back to the 2½%* truth.

    I'm no statistician, but I do drink full-fat beer.

    *I reserve the right to alter this figure as appropriate...

  9. Lars Silver badge

    Now Nokia, take it seriously

    I really hope Nokia will start to take things seriously also with the smart phones and especially the N900 type of smart phones.

    Devices like that are expected to be upgraded and developed and not let to die giving room for the next model.

    Nokia hardware used to work longer than you wanted and now on smart phones I hope they can keep a smart phone alive not only physically but also bye software upgrades.

    Tough demand as it is not good business short time, but perhaps, there are now reasons again to start to think long time.

    Also I think Nokia has to start to think a bit more about the menu systems and bury the Symbian menu heritage.

    Also I sometimes wonder if those within Nokia who decide how the damned thing should work actually ever uses a phone with any kind of self critic.

  10. Long Fei
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    How the hell did this become a discussion about Apple FFS?

    Nokia still make good phones, but I've always hated their PC software. The OVI stuff isn't a great improvement, or any improvement really. They need to totally start over in this area.

    Here's hoping the N900 will spawn others of its kind and pull Nokia back on track. They can do some good stuff if they put their mind to it.

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